Who Is Blocking Me on Instagram – Check Who Is Blocking Me on Instagram

Who Is Blocking Me on Instagram

Who Is Blocking Me on Instagram – Have you ever tried to check out a particular friend’s update on Instagram and you realize you are unable to access it. This occurs based on 2 factors. The user may need blocked his or her account on Instagram or single you out and block you. Although there are no direct links to help you check those who have blocked you, we will show you how to do this. So follow these unofficial steps to check out if a friend has actually blocked you or not. LATEST PRO 3D MAGIC GALLERY

Let’s start with a very straightforward means, you can search for that friend from another person’s account or create a brand-new account on Instagram, then use the “Search” function to look out the user’s name. If the search shows that individual’s profile, it shows that he or she has blocked you. The above step is suitable for single accounts, when it comes to searching through multiple accounts, you can use the steps listed below.

Who Is Blocking Me On Instagram

Using an Application

For mobile device owners, you can choose to download InstaFollow for Instagram from device app stores (Playstore for Android and App store for iOS users). It is a free application that helps users to monitor their fans and followers on Instagram.

  1. Once you download this application, simply install it launch
  2. The web page that will be displayed will require you to check in with Instagram.
  3. Click on check in and proceed. Ensure you sign in with your Instagram Username and Password.
  4. Once it signs you in, the next page will help you have direct access to your friends’ statistics. Here, you will certainly see the people who have blocked you if you choose on the choice to reveal this option.

Note: iOS users have additional softwares to watch this, they will use “InstaReport” or “Track your Followers”. These are the two powerful apps to perform this function. But ensure you only choose and install one of this apps as you will be required to access your Instagram account from it.

Using the Manual Way – Who Is Blocking Me on Instagram

An alternative and extremely reliable method to find out the users that actually blocked you on Instagram is to try to follow the person that you presumed have blocked you. If you are currently following the individual, you just need to check if there appears a red flag on his account? If there is a red flag on that user’s account, it shows that you have to follow them again. Try to follow them again and you will realize that as soon as you click on the follow button, it will not be processed and you will be unable to access their account. This validates your assumption that you have been blocked by that user. This approach is however suitable for a few number of participants and is not advisable to check out large number of participants.

Using the Paid Option

We never can tell your Instagram account might be a source of income for you so it does not matter going as far as paying for a software to check out the users that has blocked you. Kindly consider navigating to statusbrew.com, they have a paid application to perform this function. STEPS TO REGISTER FOR NECO 2020

This application can be used for Instagram as well as Facebook and costs a sum of $20. It swiftly informs you of the users that has actually unfollowed you and reveals to you if you have actually being blocked. To check this out, try to follow a particular user and you will realize theirs is no actual “Follow” button there, this shows that you have been blocked by such user.

I hope you were able to discover those who blocked you and the cunning ones who have unfollowed you after you both agree to follow each other.