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WhatsApp Laptop

WhatsApp Laptop – WhatsApp may be a general multi-media messaging platform that permits you to send and receive messages round the world. As a matter of fact and deliberation, almost every smartphone is using the Whatsapp application and this is often mainly due to the advantages it’s to supply. However, you cannot access and use this feature on your pc or laptop. At least not until the Whatsapp laptop feature was launched. With the Whatsapp laptop feature, you’ll successfully connect and use Whatsapp on your pc or desktop. Recent: WhatsApp For PC for Win 7

Can You Really Use WhatsApp On Your PC?

Asking if you’ll really use Whatsapp on pc is actually a very challenging question. Well if I were to give you my answers, I would say yes and then I would say no. the reason is because you can use Whatsapp on your pc, yes but to an extent and it needs your phone to connect through. You cannot access Whatsapp on your pc without your mobile device and you want to be connected on both your mobile device and your pc to use the Whatsapp web.

The Way to Access and Use the WhatsApp Laptop Feature

Before you’ll access and use the Whatsapp laptop feature, you’ve got to form sure that you simply have an online connection alongside a mobile device that already has the Whatsapp app installed in it. Once these things are in place;

Boot the pc you would like to access Whatsapp on and at an equivalent time boot your device.

Once your device and the pc turned on, make sure that there is an internet connection on both devices.

Now visit the URL www.web.whatsapp.com on your pc and wait. After a couple of seconds, an internet page are going to be displayed with and you’ll easily identify that it’s the WhatsApp web home page. On that webpage, you will find QR code.

Launch the Whatsapp app on no your mobile device and confirm your Whatsapp app is already signed in. if it is not signed in, then sign in your Whatsapp account. See Also: The Most Top ten horror movies of 2020

Now tap the menu icon and click on web connect. Click on the add new device icon and scan the QR code I discussed you’ll find on your pc screen earlier.

That is it. Once the QR code is scanned successfully, you’ll be logged in to your Whatsapp account via your pc. That is the way to access and use the Whatsapp laptop feature.