Whatsapp Group Through Link – How To Invite Friends On Whatsapp Group By Link

Whatsapp Group Through Link

Whatsapp Group Through Link – With the latest WhatsApp update for the iOS version (2.16.12), now you can invite people to WhatsApp group by just sharing a link. Here at TechParol, we keep a close eye on all the new updates of WhatsApp and this time there is a change made to how you can invite users to WhatsApp group. Here in this article, we will share to how to create WhatsApp group Invite link.

How Can I Someone To Whatsapp Group Through Link

Now Invite Friends To Join Whatsapp Groups By Sending Them Invitation Links:- The new beta version of Whatsapp is out and there indeed is something new just like all the time.

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With the new Whatsapp release, you can send invitation links to your friends to join your groups, have extra fun with enhanced emojis, and don’t have to look for the forward button anymore. Dive into the article to learn all about the new Whatsapp release.

Note: You have to be the admin of a group to generate its invitation link.

Step1: Open the chat group that you are an admin of. Now click on the 3 dots icon at the top to view a list of options.

Step2: As next, click on the Group info option as shown in the following screenshot.

Step3: At the top right corner of the screen that opens up, you’ll be able to see an add participant icon. Click on it. Or you can click on the Add participant option under the Participants section as well.

Step4: Now up above the list of all your Whatsapp contacts, you will be able to see an option named Invite to group via link. Click on it.

Step5: That’s it. You will get to share the invite link for your group with your friends from here. You can choose an option through which you can share the invite link.

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Step6: Your friend now just needs to click on this link to join the group, as simple as that!

Note: That is it, the group invite link is sent. Now the recipient can click on that link and the user will be added to the group.

This was all about the latest WhatsApp update. We hope that you were able to create WhatsApp group invite link and add users to group with it. Share it with your friends and let them know about it. Subscribe to our newsletter for more WhatsApp updates and tricks delivered to your inbox.