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WhatsApp Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Download Latest Version – In case you are still using the old version of WhatsApp, this post is here to show you the simple way on how to go about the downloading of the remake of WhatsApp for free of charge. Downloading the app could be done for free without any charges attached. WhatsApp is a crucial application used as a messenger. It is a social media that allows more than 1 billion people to connect on one platform.

With this app, “WhatsApp,” one can share videos, messages (audio and text), images, files, and lots more. It has an interface that is easily used and understood by any user.

With “WhatsApp,” it’s easier to attach to people within and out of doors the country after downloading it. WhatsApp has very cool character that make it stand among other social media chat. Some of these features are being analyzed below: HOW TO PREVENT YOUR WHATSAPP FROM BEING HACKED

WhatsApp works on every device, and even cheapest android phones can enjoy WhatsApp download there on them

Please ensure you download the New Version of WhatsApp in wherever you see the download link

Features Of WhatsApp Download Latest Version

  1. Share photo from cloud drives;

Sharing documents, that’s one of the handiest updates on WhatsApp. Now when you tap to share photos when you tap to share photos, you can dive into your favorite online cloud drive and add pictures from there.

  1. Clear and keep stared messages;

Talking of “Starred messages,” their utility can’t be denied. However, those that liked to clear their chats, especially if your android is running low on storage, also won’t to lose these Starred messages in doing so. This new update now allows you to choose to retain these Starred messages while clearing the chat so that the important stuff stays, and the inane banter goes away. Nice and easy, right!

  1. Control download settings or Wi-fi network;

Go to the Options, which has a three-dot icon > Settings > Data Usage, and you will find extended options to control how and when media is auto-downloaded. When you’re using mobile data, you’ll set it to download only images; while roaming, no media, and when you’re on Wi-Fi, to download everything.

There’s also an option for “Low Data Usage” when making a WhatsApp Voice Call, although this was already present in an earlier version and isn’t a part of the new update.

  1. Media sharing limit increased to 30

This sharing limit change is significant because WhatsApp is one of the primary platforms for media sharing after an event, get-together, or any social meeting where pictures and videos are taken. The media sharing limit was first at 10, and this increase to 30 was a welcome change by all users. It was first noticed in Android beta in January but was later rolled out on all platforms eventually.

  1. WhatsApp Download Latest Version

Photo Bundling, Video Streaming, Photo Filter features

WhatsApp introduced some great features to elevate media sharings. This involve photo bundling into an album, video streaming, and photo filters. The Photo bundling features allows users to send photos and videos to your contacts as an album. Users of WhatsApp can also send a bunch of pictures to their friends, who will, in turn, receive them bundled as an album and not as before, one after another. Once the receiver album is opened, all images are shown on a single page. The feature is readily available for iPhone users and is in beta for Android users.

  1. Change Numbers and Live Location feature

Lastly and most importantly, WhatsApp has recently been reported to be testing a new feature on the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile platform that could make life less painful when changing your contact number. In trying to ease the transition, it’s testing a feature which will notify your friends and family about your number change for you. The Live Location sharing feature was seen and spotted on Android beta, giving a hint that it will make its way to WhatsApp soon. This has presumably turn location sharing on as a broadcast – enabling your contacts to see each other on a map

  1. It Keeps the Conversation Going

With the WhatsApp on the online and desktop, you’ll seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer in order that you’ll chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.

  1. End-to-end encryption-Security by Default

Some most personal moments are shared on WhatsApp, which is the reason we built end-to-end encryption into the latest versions of our app. When the end-to-end is encryption, your messages, calls are secured so only you and the person you’re communicating with can read or listen to them, and nobody in between, not even by WhatsApp.

It was rumored that Whatsapp doesn’t work again on Nokia products and Samsung galaxy Phones, but it was just a rumor as it works on them.

  1. Say What’s On Your Mind

Most times, your voice says and express it all. With just a tap and hold, you can record a Voice Message, perfect for quicker hello or a longer story, etc.

WhatsApp Download Steps – Full Guides

Just follow the detailed guideline to download it;

  1. Firstly, visit your App store. If you’re still using Andriod phone, visit Google Play Store, if iPhone, visit the iTunes store
  2. On your App Store, look for WhatsApp using the search box.
  3. Once the appliance is found, click the install button.
  4. await the installation to be complete. PREVENT YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT FROM BEING HACKED

Then launch the newest WhatsApp to enjoy the complete functionality and its features.

How To Install WhatsApp Application

  1. There are numerous ways to put in the WhatsApp application, but here is that the simplest method on the way to install and to attach your WhatsApp on Android phones, iPhones, iOS, Tablets, etc.
  2. Click to go to www.whatsapp.com and download the Whatsapp App
  3. After your downloads, click on install to launch the app
  4. Then enter your details which all.

WhatsApp check in

  1. Firstly, Launch the Whatsapp Application
  2. Now Fill and complete the required information like your correct telephone number.
  3. Enter your country code and ensure your telephone number.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed the telephone number, you’ll start using your WhatsApp Messenger free provided you’ve got access to the web.