Update Instagram On Android – The Way to Update Instagram On Android

Update Instagram On Android

Update Instagram On Android – One may wonder why most applications releases updates to their apps frequently, well during this era of evolving technology who will want to be left out and lose his users simply because other applications are more user friendly or has certain features that outshines them. The importance of updates on applications isn’t limited to features though, because updates helps to repair bugs and make patches. So in today’s article we are concerned about the way to easily update Instagram application on mobile devices. Recommended: Single Parent Online Dating

You can choose from several alternatives once you plan to update your Instagram app, you’ll prefer to update by getting to the appliance store on your device, you can as well update by accessing your apps’ checklist from the menu (for Android users) or navigating to the update website (on iOS) and hitting the “Update” button for the Instagram application. You could also upgrade directly from update notifications on your device which can automatically redirect you to your application store.

How to Update Instagram On Android

Note: You must be signed into a Google account to perform this task

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Press the “≡” button located within the top right edge, which can open an options menu.
  3. Select “My apps & video games” from these options. This will list out all installed applications on your device
  4. Yu’ll look for or scroll right down to Instagram, these applications are listed alphabetically.
  5. Locate the “Update” button which will show up near the top of the page

Steps to disable auto upgrade Instagram application: Android phone

Updates are generally presented to device users at intervals and therefore the user can prefer to download these updates automatically or perform another settings (Most people enables auto update only on WI-Fi) So listed below is that the best thanks to disable automatic Instagram application update on lollipop, marshmallow versions of Android.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your smart phone

Step 2: Click on “Profile” icon located to the bottom right side corner

Step 3: Tap on the “Three vertical dots” at the side corner

Step 4: Scroll until you find “App updates” Once this is often located, you’ll realize that it’s set to auto update by default.

Step 5: Toggle the button to show off “auto-update on Instagram” then you’ll see a pop-up message “These offer you brand-new feature as soon as possible. Do you still want to transform them off?”

Step 6: Click on “Turn off” if you would like to disable Instagram auto-update apps

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I hope you found these guideline to disable automatic update on Instagram application helpful? If you encounter any challenge, kindly notify us by using the comment section below, Thank you.