Umahi's Landmark achievements

Umahi’s Landmark achievements has set the stone rolling for him come 2019 general election. Governor David Nweze Umahi (Fnse, Fnate), the Governor of Ebonyi State is set to return to office come 2019.This was followed by some numerous comments made by many marketers in the Abakaliki capital metropolis market popularly known as Meat Market/Abakpa main market.


Today, being Monday, the 13th day of August, 2018, GODCENTVC CREW  were live at the Abakaliki capital territory main market to get the opinions of many Ebonyians on the fate of the Government House come 2019.

According to the respondents, Umahi’s Landmark achievements have been outstanding since he came to office in 2015. He has performed so marvelously well in the areas of infrastructure, health, sports development, agriculture, empowerment, rural development, among others.

Recall that among the major Umahi’s landmark achievements in his first term include; construction of world class flyovers, standard stadium, construction of concrete roads all over the State, youths and women empowerment as well as  agricultural revolution among the notable is one man, one hectare rice programme.

The question thrown to them was; what do you think about 2019 in Ebonyi State? And here are the responses gotten from them:

Njoku Chukwuma: What I think about 2019 in Ebonyi State? Lolsssssssssssss… My brother, there is nothing else to think except what I know you also think if you are in the right mind for us Ebonyians. Can’t you see 2019 is already decided? In fact, there is no long story to tell, it is either Umahi or Umahi. Then, if not Umahi, it must be DAVID. 4 + 4 = 8… No two ways… lolsssssss.. Am off… Lolssss….

Chinyere Nwofoke: In fact, this your question is funny. Can’t you look around and see how neat everywhere is? At least, if my white handkerchief should fall down now inside this market, I will kukuma bend down and pick it up without even dusting it… That’s my best happiness in this Government. No be Bible talk  say… Cleanliness is next to Godliness? My dear, na Dave dey do am be so for us…. 2019 is already assured…. No David, no victory….

Philip Otubo: If you allow me to say my mind, my brother, you no go go today… Me and you go dey for this market from now till tomorrow non stop. Where I wan begin dey talk all the good works of Gov. Dave? Na concrete road? Na flyover? Water fountain?, Stadium? street lights? youths and women empowerment? abi agriculture? Leave me jooor make I rest my mouth. I no get strength to talk much. I don already get my PVC… NA DAVE GET AM

For want of time, we will bring you more confessions of Ebonyians about 2019. You can click here to see more of Umahi’s Landmark Achievements.

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