Start Selling On Facebook – How To Start Start Selling On Facebook Marketplace Free

Start Selling On Facebook

Start Selling On Facebook – I believe we all know the reason why we have a Facebook social platform, which was built to make the world more connected. Thus, Facebook is here to enable friends  and family  connect with one another to discover what is going on around the world and share experiences on what that matters.

Moreover, it is pertinent that you know that once people come to co-exist there is high tendency of business transaction to commence among them for no man is said to be an island. And in that regards the online connection of people through Facebook has still brought to life this commercial relationship of buying and selling.

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How to start Selling on Facebook Marketplace

As earlier stated, Facebook is an online social platform where people connect with each other which will lead to subsequent commercial relationship.

Thus, if you are a Facebook user and you are business minded, the very best way to start selling on Facebook by setting up a Facebook business page platform known as Facebook Store page or Facebook marketplace.

Where you can sell your products through to reach a wider customer base, also you might have heard people referring to this platform as Facebook Shop. They are exactly the same thing, just a slight different name.

Moreover, to selling on Facebook, we have two ways to achieve that thus:

1. Create your Facebook Store on your Facebook Account, list products, and set up a shopping cart to connect payments. This is a more basic way of selling.

2. Use an ecommerce website builder to create an online store, then automatically link your products to your Facebook store page. It involves little knowledge and not difficult to set up and manage.

However, our discussion is squarely on how to use the first platform which is the Facebook as stated above to sell your products or services to many of the Billion Facebook users.

Thus, with look above you will discover that Facebook store allows you to sell products through your Facebook page and this you can achieve by setting up a Facebook page for your Business that is separate from your personal Facebook account.

For once your Facebook Business page has being set up you can start selling on Facebook by creating a tab for your store on this page. Thus, when people visit your Facebook Page, they can click on your store Tab and purchase products directly on your Facebook store.

Steps on How to Start Selling on Facebook

1. Setup your Facebook Business page, go to our Article on how to create a Facebook business page and get a guideline in that regard.

2. Create your Facebook shop, later in this article I will direct you on how to create one.

3. Build your Facebook Store which involves reviewing Facebook store polices and setting up your checkout and currency options.

4. Then Click Add products to begin adding the products you wish to sell through your Facebook store.

5. Lastly, once you have added all of your products to your Facebook Store next to be done is Marketing your Facebook shop either by network thus inviting your friends to like your Facebook shop page or by advertising on Facebook which can be affordable, also you can market your product by participating in a group or creating one, where you share information about your goods.

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Facebook Shopping Page or Facebook Marketplace

Now, the next thing to be done is to direct you on how to Create your Facebook shopping page thus:

1. Go to your Facebook business page and open the shop page, by locating the shop tab on the left side and click on it.

2. Then set up your shop details

3. Next is to click on the Set up payment button and proceed with the provisions you will see and fill it up.

4. Then add a product to your Facebook shop

5. Complete settings and configure shopping by going to Manage Shop tab, on top of your Facebook page

6. Then manage your products to see if they are adequately ready and set for sell, such as the image of the product, price if they are visible to the public.