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Singles Near Me on Facebook

Singles Near Me on Facebook – Facebook is considered as the biggest social network cloud network of our generation for so many reasons. One of these many reasons include the number of active users that use Facebook daily and the numerous interesting Facebook activities that these users tend to engage themselves , including Dating.

If you’re bored of the opinion of Tinder, Facebook Dating is now officially available in Canada which has also gathered huge positive reviews in a very short while.

Facebook dating works with same principle as other Dating apps; matching users based on their individual preferences. Facebook Dating is integrated inside Facebook app, so you don’t have to leave the premises of Facebook to use this feature.

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Canada happens to be the most socially inclined country in the whole of North America, with over 24-million active users on Facebook everyday.

Facebook boss confirmed that there are over 200 million users on Facebook who claim to be single on thier Facebook profile which most of them result to other dating services which always cost them money, in a bid to bring Facebook singles within a particular region under one community to match people based on the information they provide on their dating profile was what brought about the advent of Facebook dating.

Analysis To Facebook Canada Dating Features

Here’s a typical analysis of the Facebook dating feature:

1. Separate profile for Dating: Users that use this tool have a separate profile apart from their public profile, your Dating activities will not appear on your public news feed or your timeline.

2. Your match with people will be based on what you have in common: As soon as you register for Facebook Dating, you will begin to receive suggested matches based on your similar interests and preferences.

3. You can manage your privacy: When using the Facebook Dating tool, the only people that will see your activities and posts are the suggested matches from Facebook and those that that Facebook have suggested you to. Your Facebook friends will not be included in this category.

4. You can decide to make yourself available for events and groups to see other Dating users: If you opt in to participate in events and groups, your activities will also become available to them and vice versa.

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5. Your privacy is guaranteed: Facebook is well known for protecting the security of its users generally, the Dating category is not left out of this. You can decide to add or hide friends of friends in the matches suggested to you, and you can always feel free to block any user anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Facebook users in Canada are already celebrating relationships from Facebook Dating, and since this feature is coming from the biggest social media platform in the world today, you can be sure to trust the authenticity and credibility of this means to connect people in a safe and secure environment.