Show Max Subscription Fee – How to Pay Your Show Max Subscription Plan

Show Max Subscription Fee

Show Max Subscription Fee – Show max is an African owned SVOD created by the multi choice in South Africa. Show max just began making head way within the SVOD market sphere. And is now ready to compete with American SVOD giants Netflix and amazon within the South African region of the planet.

Show max’s appeal is in its cost efficiency and it puts into consideration the requirements and demands of its target market. By providing them with home videos, TV series and footage Netflix doesn’t have in its archives. Show max is really an African geared SVOD, made for the African people, by the African people. See: Ways to Promote My Instagram Account

Features of Show Max Subscription Fee

Show max subscription fee unlike Netflix was made with Africans in mind hence made affordable for the regular South African citizen with just one subscription bundle with almost an equivalent privileges as Netflix highest bundle rate, Show max provides quality at a pleasant price. Some Features of Show max are:

  1. Affordable: Show max makes its fees affordable for all and it comes with a three month free trial for new subscribers
  2. No added costs for DSTV premium users: Show max and DSTV both owned by multi choice provides no added costs for premium users and better video experience for the DSTV explorer decoder.

Show max allows you to register 5 devices with your subscription and use two at the same time, all with its affordable bundle rate of R99 and R45 for DSTV compact and compact plus compared to Netflix R239 ultra package bundle, Show max provides almost the same services for a whooping R99.

How to Pay Your Show Max Subscription Fee

Don’t have a Show max account, don’t make online transactions, own a DSTV premium account? Even better. Show max provides numerous ways for users to form subscription payments and register, and additional benefits for DSTV users. Some of the many ways to pay for your Show max subscription fee includes

  1. Pay pal
  2. Show max vouchers
  3. Checks
  4. Online payments
  5. FnB eBuck vouchers
  6. Pick and pay smart shopper
  7. Standard back Count Voucher
  8. Add your DSTV account (free for premium users)

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Enjoy show max services today by joining it’s many subscribers get a free trial when you first subscribe and watch all your favorite TV shows and series today.