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Shopify Facebook Store

Shopify Facebook Store – Shopify is a standard website that helps individuals start up their own e-commerce platform. This is an added advantage to people who desire to start up an online store. Unlike the normal Facebook Store you may know, Shopify Facebook Store is a store on the Facebook platform endorsed by Shopify. You may ask, what is Shopify?

With Shopify, you can easily startup, manage and expand your online shop without thinking about designing a website which may be stressful.

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With this platform you can choose any of the following ways to sell including:

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Inventory
  3. Selling your own products from your boutique

The reason it is advisable to add a Shopify Store to your Facebook page is that it gives your Shopify Shop better awareness.

Advantages of This Page

Here are the merits of having a Shopify Store on your Facebook Page:

  1. It gives your store greater awareness
  2. There are no limits to what you and sell
  3. Saves the stress of starting up an online shop from the beginning
  4. Most persons prefer purchasing products from social media platforms and Facebook is at the top of it
  5. All currencies are accepted for purchase
  6. Through Shopify’s Ultra-Intuitive Dashboard, shipping of your products to anywhere in the world is properly managed

Shopify is very responsive when it comes to online shopping. If you are to go online and search about Shopify, you will receive a lot of recommendations about using this platform to start your online shop.

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Starting a Shopify Facebook Store

Starting a Shopify Facebook Store is very easy. Follow these steps

  1. Register with Shopify
  2. Connect both your Facebook account and Shopify account together (To connect them both, locate “Account” in your Shopify platform, Click “Connect Your Facebook Account” and Tap “Continue”)
  3. Finally, use Shopify to add products to your Facebook Shop

For the Shopify Store, you are required to pay monthly as you make use of it. There are different plans but for a beginner who may not have so much money on him/her, it is better to register with Shopify Lite Plan (here, you pay a token of $9 every month).

Make sure you do this integration when starting an online shop with Shopify (payment is done through several payment platforms when purchasing)