Secret Messages On Facebook – Facebook Secret Messages

Secret Messages On Facebook

Secret Messages On Facebook – Facebook Users can now send and receive secret messages on Facebook to ort from their crush or secret admirers on or Messenger app. A lot of individuals round the world uses Facebook to talk , make new friends, post news, and pictures with different formats of media files, but there are some unknown things on Facebook that are hidden to a huge majority of its users, theses feature can’t be known without exploring thoroughly, the 2 major Facebook secret is Facebook secret crush and Facebook secret chat. Paying Facebook Advertiser Job Fast 2020!

Facebook secret crush allows you to poke your crush, your crush will be notified that someone is crushing on them but Facebook will never reveal your identity to your crush, your identity will only be made known to your crush only if that person is crushing on you too. Facebook secret crush may be a feature of Facebook dating. The Facebook secret conversation may be a thanks to keep your chats private, with the Facebook secret conversation you’ll send a text to someone secretly, texts sent secretly will not appear on your normal conversation page with that friend but in the secret chat page, and you can also set a timer to delete your secret chats.

Facebook Secret Crush Feature

The Facebook secret crush may be a feature of Facebook dating, Facebook dating is like all other dating sites where you get to satisfy people that you’ll leave on a date with, with Facebook secret crush you’ll select any 9 people and tell them you’ve got a crush on them, they’ll be notified that a lover is crushing on them but the identity of that crush won’t be revealed, your identity can only be made known to your crush is he or she is also crushing on you. To use the Facebook secret crush feature you want to first enable Facebook dating, you’ll enable Facebook dating with the subsequent steps

  1. Login to your Facebook account with the Facebook app or via
  2. Just at the top of your screen, you’ll find a notification of Facebook dating, click on learn more to enable Facebook dating.

Not all Facebook users are going to be ready to get this notification because Facebook dating isn’t available altogether countries presently, so if you don’t get this notification, Facebook dating is not available in your country yet.

Facebook Secret Messages | Facebook Secret Chat Feature

Facebook secret chat is another secret feature of Facebook, it’s encryption that keeps your chats and messages private, this Facebook secret chat isn’t automatic and it doesn’t end to end encrypted, so to do this, you will have to enable this feature, to enable Facebook secret chat to follow the steps below. Facebook Online Market Buy and Sell

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the web
  2. Launch Facebook messenger
  3. Tap on the chats icon then tap on the pin icon
  4. Select secret from the list of options
  5. Search for the friend you want to have a secret conversation with and start your chat.

You can tap on the timer icon to set a timer when the timer is done and the countdown is complete your secret chats will be cleared. This Facebook secret chat feature is merely available on Facebook messenger to both iOS users and Android users.