Recover Forgotten Pinterest Password – How To Reset Your Pinterest Password

Recover Forgotten Pinterest Password

Recover Forgotten Pinterest Password – Pinterest is mobile application and Website Company which offers a visual search, sharing and collection. Moreover, millions of users use Pinterest worldwide. You can log in to Pinterest using your Twitter, Facebook, and google account as well.

Nevertheless, if you use a social site then create your user account with the site. Similarly, you can create your user account with the Pinterest and then start with Pinterest. You set a username and password to create your user account and then use the username and password to login to your Pinterest account.

Unfortunately, if in any case you have forgotten your password then you are not able to log in to your Pinterest account. So, how can you recover your Pinterest Password? Well, this is not tough to recover your password and for this there are some easy steps for doing so.

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Follow the steps below to recover your Pinterest password.

How to recover forgotten Pinterest password;

Recover Forgotten Pinterest Password – Unfortunately, if you have forgotten your Pinterest account then no need to worry as we have provided a simple method to recover your forgotten password. Pinterest is a good social platform and millions of people use it. Also, they perform various activities on Pinterest like sharing of images.

Nevertheless, in addition, with the Pinterest account may have account on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Hence, it might be difficult all the passwords thus a user may forget his/her Pinterest account password.

Anyways, if you have forgotten the password then by the using the below steps you can easily reset your Pinterest account password then you’ll be able to access your account again.

Step1: Click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ option:

Visit Pinterest and then open the log in page. Now there you will find the ‘Forgotten your password?’ option click on it.

Step2: Now enter your email:

Once you click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ then new page will appear. In that page enter your email address in the email field on the page. After this click on Reset password when you’re ready.

Step3: Reset password mail:

After providing the email address now you’ll receive a password reset mail on the email address you provided. If the mail not appear in your email inbox, then check spam mails.

Step4: Reset your Pinterest password:

Once you find the email sent to you from Pinterest to reset your password then open the mail and find the reset password link in the mail. Now in the mail find and click Create password button.

Important: if mail is not found check junk/spam folder if still not found then repeat the steps from first.

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Step5: Set a new Pinterest password:

Now after following all the steps and clicking on the Create password button a new page with password fields appear. In the two fields provide your password respectively. Finally click Change password option to reset your password.


Once all the steps are successfully completed then you will be automatically logged in your Pinterest account again. Your password has been reset.