Planning Gifts and Surprises – The Way to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Planning Gifts and Surprises

Planning Gifts and Surprises – Valentine’s Day is simply round the corner, meaning shelves will soon be stacked high with heart-shaped candy boxes, pink and red flowers and piles of plush teddy bears. It’s true that we should always show love and appreciation year-round, but there’s something so fun and romantic about Valentine’s Day and therefore the romantic flowers and gifts that accompany the vacation.

It’s an excellent opportunity to flex your creativity and show her how you are feeling. There are different Valentine’s Day ideas for each relationship stage and a few women care more about the vacation than others, so keep that in mind when picking out gifts or planning dates. Whether you’re trying to find a laid back idea or something more extravagant, we’ve got all the ideas you would like to wow her this Valentine’s Day.

Steps on the way to Planning Gifts and Surprises

Step1: Make a homemade card tailored for a special someone in your life. Skip buying a typical card from the shop, and instead, choose making a customized one. Use a bit of cardstock to make a sturdy base for the cardboard. Then, decorate it with humorous or poetic words and pictures which will let your spouse know that you simply love them.


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Feel free to also make Valentine’s Day cards for your friends and family as well! The vacation goes beyond your spouse. Confirm that you simply r friends and family know that you love and look after them also.

For large groups of individuals, sort of a classroom of scholars or peers, consider attaching simple notes to pieces of candy like lollipops.

Step2: Tie special notes to a bundle of balloons for your spouse to read. Fill a dozen or more red, pink, or white balloons with helium. Write the notes on simple cardstock with a pen or marker. Use a hole-punch to make a hole within the note, and fasten it to the knot of the balloon with a bit of string or ribbon. Leave the bundle of balloons during a place for your spouse to ascertain.

Planning Gifts and Surprises

Include reasons why you’re keen on your spouse on the notes or recall a series of special moments you shared together to make a timeline of your relationship. Maybe even accompany the memory with a photograph to form the display visual.


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If you’ve got a coffee ceiling in your home, allow the balloons to float to the ceiling and scatter them round the room. The various colored balloons will help decorate the space for the special day.

Alternatively, inflate the balloons normally and scatter them round the floor of your bedroom or front room. Slip a special note into each balloon before tying them off, and have your spouse pop the balloons to seek out the message.

Step3: Design a coupon book that your loved can use beyond Valentine’s Day. Create a touch booklet out of colored paper or cardstock, and decorate each page with doodles or stickers to form each coupon unique looking. Fill the coupon book with favor tokens which will make your beloved laugh and feel special. Some coupon ideas could include:

Treat your beloved to each day of pampering and write, “Good for a back massage and a bath.” Then, draw bubbles round the coupon or the outlines of hands to form the visual theme match the message.

Let your beloved choose the film for a movie date night and write something like, “Pick a movie and that i will make the popcorn.” Design the coupon to seem sort of a movie ticket, popcorn bucket, or television.

Design a coupon to seem sort of a chef’s hat and write something like, “Good for a home cooked meal of your choice.”

Step4: Stash love notes around your home for your beloved to seek out. Write little messages on colored cardstock, listing reasons why you’re keen on your spouse or recalling memories you shared together. Then, place the notes around your home where your spouse can easily find them. Your beloved won’t only enjoy reading the notes but are going to be surprised whenever they find one.

Hide the notes in creative spots, like on your loved one’s favorite mug, in their jacket pocket, or on the tv remote. Just confirm to select spots or items that your beloved frequently uses; otherwise, your message may go unfound.

Alternatively, place the notes beat one spot, like on your loved one’s bathroom mirror. Write the messages on pink sticky notes, and arrange the notes within the shape of a heart on the mirror.


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Step5: Give your spouse a classic gift of flowers and chocolate. Purchase a bouquet of your loved one’s favorite flowers, or choose classic red roses to mark the vacation. Pair the flowers with a box of chocolates or other sweets. Then, either give the gift to your beloved face to face or surprise them by having the gift delivered to their home.

This gift is ideal if you and your spouse have barely started dating, and you’re unsure what gift to offer.

If you don’t mind spending extra money, accompany the flowers and chocolate with a special gift to mark the occasion. This might be a pleasant piece of jewelers sort of a watch or necklace, or this might be something more personal, just like the latest book or computer game your spouse has been eyeing.