Photo Blender App Download – Latest Photo Mixer And Editor App Download For Mobile

Photo Blender App Download

Photo Blender App Download – Photo Mixer and Editor is a simple and user-friendly application available on Google Play store for free. In all the festive seasons like New Year, Christmas, Birthdays, Holi or any other get together when memories are really important Photo mixer and editor comes in as a handy tool.

Photo Blender App Download – Enjoy this festive day of colors and happiness with Photo Mixer. This Holi get a chance to beautify and share happy moments of Holi with new colorful frames and stickers. This year enjoy your Holi with photo Mixer and its amazing features. Click to Download 2020 AppLock Free


Photo mixer and blender has a number of features which make this application unique as well as user-friendly.

  1. Add images of your choice from the gallery
  2. Take an image using a camera and
  3. Photo Blending and mixing
  4. Multiple options of backgrounds
  5. A wide variety of Emoticons
  6. Number of Filters
  7. A large number of Stickers
  8. Share photos
  9. Add watermark to photos
  10. Remove Watermark from photos
  11. Photo Selection:

Users have an option of choosing the photos from gallery or they can use the camera to take a picture instantly at any time. Users can even select photos if they are saved in any virtual storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or Files in the phone. Through files, users can access photos which they have received from friend and family.


A wide range of backgrounds are available in the Photo Mixer and Editor application. But users can select a solid color as well as an image from the phone gallery or any other virtual platform as Google Drive, Dropbox or files.

Photo Blending and Mixing

Select a background and add images either from gallery or capture them on runtime using your camera. This feature will allow you to change the background of your choice and you can change the opacity to blend the image into the background very realistically.


Use emoticons to express your emotions and how you are feeling to make the memory more fun and loveable. Emoticons give emotions to the photos. Photo Mixer and Editor has a wide range of emoticons to be more expressive.


Photo Mixer and Editor: Blend any picture has a number of filters and you can select any one of them to bring more artistic feeling to your pictures. Filters enhance the pictures and add a fun element to them.


Add stickers to make your pictures more interesting and adorable. Stickers are available in Photo Mixer and Editor according to the occasions. You can add family photos to greet New year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and anniversaries. You can express your heartiest feelings to your loved ones, friends and family members. Click here Jamb Registration Form Template

Add Watermark:

After blending and editing photos users can save the photos with a watermark on the photos mentioning Photo Mixer and Editor.

Remove Watermark:

In case users do not want to add watermark on the photos. It is very easy to remove the watermark all you need to do is a select option for remove watermark, earn the reward and voila!. Photos will be saved without the watermark on the photos.

Share photos:

Users can share edited or blended photos on a single click via Bluetooth as well as any social networking platform such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

All in all, Photo mixer and blender is an application which is packed with a number of interesting and fun features which are simple and easy to use.