Paul Pogba Begins Scoring for Man U – Paul Pogba Man of the Match

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba has continued with his spirit of excellence after the French talisman saw himself lift the most decorated competitive football cup at the just concluded Russia 2018 World Cup.

Paul Pogba who was the hitman for the French side returned to action yesterday by scoring the opening goal for his club side, Manchester United after Amartey handed the ball in the 18 yard box though the referee did not need the assistant of the video assistant referee to review the decision of awarding a penalty.

Among the top flight leagues in Europe, English Premier League has remained the one that has not fancied the use of VAR.

Paul Pogba Begins Scoring for Man U – Paul Pogba Man of the Match

Paul Pogba who was the man of the match  between Manchester United and Leicester City found many times to give clinical touches to the ball and was seen to have engaged in a little talk with Sanchez whose shot re bounced to hit Amartey’s arm. After the talk, he came up with the confidence to take the bull by the horn though he staggered for a while with his slow run and boom, he scored.

His first goal of the season gave Mourinho the hope of a glorious season. This goal has placed him on 2 goal in 2 matches after his performance at the world cup final saw him score against Croatia.

The score line was already 2 – 0 in his favour When he was substituted and replaced by Fellaini in the latter minutes of the match by then, he has already taken accolades as the man of the match who had more touches of the ball than any other person.

Paul Pogba was warmly received as the man of the match by the crew on the bench when he came off.

BBC sports had a little interview with him after the match which saw him speak his mind. “I was very happy to have won this difficult opener. Due to my role in the French national team, I could not participate in the pre-season matches which made me to return on Monday. It was somewhat difficult to prepare my mind towards this game and I am happy it turned out positive”.

Paul Pogba having started the 2018/2019 English Premier league in smiles hopes to also end it in celebrations.

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