native doctors

Every person who visits native doctors shall one day be visited by its consequences. Don’t stop ok? Laugh it off as GodcentVC takes you through the fake life junction.


One day, Emeka, my neighbor was so sick that he couldn’t visit the hospital. I went to call the medical doctor for him but he refused to be attended to, making everyone to be surprised.

The question was…. What could make a young man of this 21st century refuse the attention of a medical doctor even on his sick bed??

After about two days of serious persuasion, he refused and rather decided to invite a native doctor. Haba!!! Native Doctor??? My friend you must be in sane… He didn’t respond but rather kept quiet.

The following morning, he managed to stand up from his bed and walked straight to the gate, I followed him immediately. On reaching the gate,lo and behold, he was already returning back with a native doctor. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! This is real??????

I warned and pleaded with him, begged him to wait for God’s time but he refused, then I left him while he went inside his room with the native doctor.

After the native doctor finished doing his enchantment, he told Emeka that the sickness was incurable but could be transferred to another person and he greedily agreed.

The native doctor then told him that the 1st person that will enter his room, he should shout “taarh!!!” and the sickness will transferred to the person and the person will immediately die, except the person was smart enough to reply with “retaarh to backfire!!!”.

He agreed and the native doctor left in a hurry, forgetting to collect his money for the service he had rendered.

My neighbour sat down in his room and kept his door wide open waiting for the first victim that will pass through that door. The native doctor then remembered that he forgot to collect his money and decided to go back and collect it.

Immediately the native doctor entered, Emeka shouted “taarh!!!” and the native doctor shouted “retaarh!!!” and my neighbour shouted again “reretaaarh!!!” the native doctor replied “retartartarh!!!”.

See me see confusion oooooooooo…

This noise started since yesterday morning and up till now they are both shouting…


The question now is….. Who will stop and die for who?