Lina Medina – Youngest Mother in the World

Lina Medina

Lina Medina – The unbelievable story of the youngest mother within the world. The history of humanity is crawling with unbelievable incidents. Lina Medina was the one that shocked the planet within the 20th century. People could not believe their ears when they heard the story of that little girl who gave birth. Devote your time to reading the article, and you will not regret, because such cases should be known to everyone.

Lina Medina is far and away the youngest mother in medical record because she gave birth at the age of 5. The modern society is outraged by the cases of the childbirth at 14-15 years, but as compared with Lina, they appear to be normal. HOW TO GET HELP WORLDWIDE

Lina Medina: The youngest person to give birth

She was born in September of 1933 in Ticrapo, Peru. Lina was quite average child up to five years old when her parents noticed unusual changes in her body — the abdomen began to grow. The religious people from their settlement thought that the changes were caused by the tricks of an evil spirit. Various rites of shamans didn’t help, therefore the father decided to require Lina to the doctor. The nearest hospital was in Pisco.

They came to the Gerardo Lozada, who was a gynecologist and, like her parents, presupposed that the cause of the growing stomach was a tumor. However, after the medical examination, everyone was horrified. It revealed that Lina was seven months pregnant. Besides, doctors found out that her first period began at the age of 3 when they usually start not earlier than in 11-12 years old. So even at such a young age, her body was ready to give birth to a baby.

Dr. Lozada decided to show the girl to his colleagues in Lima, the capital of Peru. They confirmed the diagnosis. This case stirred out the public all over the world. All headlines were devoted only to this girl.

After a month and a half, Lina Medina gave birth to a boy, and every one indicators pointed to the superb health of the baby. He was healthier than an average Peruvian boy. Although the physical development of the girl accelerated, the width of the pelvis did not admit the possibility of the natural childbirth. So, the boy was born by cesarean section. This surgery helped to find out the information about Lina’s body. It came out that the sexual organs were fully developed and the first period started not at 3, but at eight months. Her breasts were growing already at 4 years. The diagnosis was precocious puberty caused by a hormonal imbalance of hypophysis.’

Although the young mom and son felt good, doctors kept track of their health conditions for 11 months. It was the primary case in history when a 5-year-old girl gave birth. The parents of Lina raised the boy and up to 10 years, he thought that Lina was his sister. He acknowledged that Lina was his mother only at 11-12 years old.

The youngest pregnancy: how has it happened?

Immediately upon the medical examination in Pisco, Gerardo Lozada called the police, who accused Lina’s father. He was the primary suspect to the doctor, public and police. But there was no evidence of the crime and police let the father go. One of her brothers who had mental disability became a second suspect; police detained him but also did not find evidence.

So, there was no documented information about the father of the child. Lina said nothing about it all her life, and that we can explain it by her age; children rarely remember events at such an early age.

There were several theories of how she became a 5-year-old mother, promoted by police, scientists and community. The following look most like the truth:

Lina often visited the river to scrub clothes, because it had been her domestic duty. She always walked alone, and fogeys supposed that somebody could have had intercourse together with her there.

People living in that settlement practiced mass ritual festivities. The girl could have been involved in one of those and got pregnant.

In 1939, the San Antonia newspaper expected Lina to come to scientific universities in the USA, but the National Peruvian Midwifery Association claimed that girls should stay in the country under medical supervision.

Later, some American production company offered 5000 dollars to make a documentary movie about Lina Medina: her parents also refused. After it, the govt decided that Medina’s family was in peril and established a Commission for his or her protection. This stopped the journalists’ attacks. Lina valued her privacy and preferred to be discreet.

The further life of the youngest mother ever

She named her son after the Gerardo Lozada, her attending physician. The lifetime of her son was curtail after 40 years due to the bone marrow pathology. THE WAY TO CHANGE OR RESET FACEBOOK PASSWORD

In adulthood, The Lima Clinic employed her for a secretary position, educated her and helped to send Gerardo in lyceum . Later, she married Raul Jurado and gave birth to her second son at the age of 38. From 2002 to 2016, she and her husband lived in one of the poorest districts of Lima. In November 2015, the youngest mom died. The alleged cause of death was a heart attack.

Up so far , Lina Medina stays the youngest mother ever confirmed in history. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to revive the entire picture of these events and this story will remain filled with secrets.