Laughter kill me

Laughter kill me oooooo cos this story is really making me pee on my pant… I no fit shout…


A lecturer (Who happens to be my uncle’s elder Sister) walked into a lecture hall and told all the students to get ready for an an emergency test at their amazement…

She went straight to the board and wrote the instructions as follows:

(1) Be sure you do not copy from any one and do not allow anyone to copy you.

(2) The time for this quiz is 15mins

(3) Any cancellation nullifies your answer

(4) Once the time is up, leave your script and walk away from your desk.

She told the students to get ready… That it will be a 2-question simple quiz,taken one after the other…

Question number 1:  List your best foods

Immediately and happily, students started writing…

The boys were writing; Eba, pounded yam,rice, beans, fufu etc…

While the girls were busy writing; Hotdogs, pizza, shawarma, burger,
vanilla ice cream, hotpie, cakecream, and some foods that are yet to be introduced into the Nigerian system….

Most of them finished on time and the lecturer went straight to write the second question…

All the ladies were happy until they saw the final question.

Question number 2

Concisely explain how to prepare each of your  favorite meals as listed in  question 1 above.

Yawa come gas… Come see girls and cancellations… They started cancelling all their first answers and started changing it to:
pounded yam, indomie,  beans, white rice,fufu, abacha, egg,
tea,akamu, dodo, boiled maize, roasted corn e.t.c.

As a naughty student, I had to peep to see what most of them were writing.. One ajibo besides me surprised me to the core when she wrote….                    hot water.

I say… shuuuuu????? Hot water, best food for an ajibo????
Hahahahaha… Choi!!!  LADIES and forming BAH… una too much…

Abeg no ask me d school ooo because I no dey talk ooooo to avoid say dem say….

Do have a wonderful day…