Latest Kaspersky Antivirus Download – Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus AppLock & Web Security For Android

Latest Kaspersky Antivirus Download – Kaspersky Internet Security for Android may be a FREE-to-download antivirus solution to assist keep your phones and tablets – which may be even more vulnerable than computers – also as your private information secure from online dangers.


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Product features:

► Antivirus protection — acts as an epidemic cleaner, automatically blocking malware and more on your phones & tablets

► Background check — scans on-demand and in real-time* for viruses, spyware, ransom ware and Trojans.

► Find my phone — locates & locks your Android phone or tablet if it’s lost or stolen

► Anti-Theft — protects personal information from thieves, wiping it from your device


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► App Lock* — allows you to add a cipher to access your private messages, photos & more

► Anti-Phishing* — keeps your financial information secure once you shop & bank online

► Web filter* — filters out dangerous links & sites once you go browsing

Latest Kaspersky Antivirus Download – Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes:

  1. Antivirus protection: If our background check detects malware, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android acts as an epidemic cleaner – blocking viruses and dangerous apps, links and files.
  2. Background check: Our antivirus for Android scans downloaded apps for malware, ransom ware, phishing, spyware and other infections employing a background check to offer you outstanding virus protection, guarding your devices from threats.
  3. App Lock: Our App Lock feature protects your private communications & financial information with a cipher that allows you to access confidential apps selected by you. Plus it hides your sensitive data (messages, photos, files & more) on your device from people up to no good.
  4. Find my phone: Kaspersky Internet Security for Android helps you track and find your lost phone or tablet. You’ll activate an alarm on the device remotely, lock and locate your phone, wipe personal information – including messages, photos & videos – and take a mugshot of the person using your device if it’s stolen.
  5. Block dangerous sites & links when you’re online: Our powerful antivirus for Android protects your device from Internet threats while you’re browsing by blocking phishing. That’s why our virus cleaner delivers outstanding virus protection & helps keep your privacy and sensitive financial data secure once you buy stuff.


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Note: Functionality is out there only in Premium version and also uses the Device Administrator permission and Accessibility services.


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