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Instagram Tricks

Instagram Tricks – It is no secret that Instagram is a great player in the social world, close to 600 million monthly active users and 150 million daily users in Instagram stories. It is clear that companies and users of mobile devices and photography lovers cannot afford to ignore the network to share and connect with their followers.

For this reason, I want to share some Instagram tricks and tips to get the most out of Instagram. The first part is simple tricks at a general level to use Instagram and then this article will be updated with tricks for biography, profile, share photos and videos, the use of hashtags, gain followers, and stories. CHECK THE INSTAGRAM LIKE PICTURES

General Instagram Tricks and Tips

  1. Zoom in the details of the photographs

Have you ever wanted to see something on an Instagram just a little bit closer? Now you can.

How to do it:

  1. Go to the photo you want to zoom.
  2. Pinch with two fingers.

iii. Enjoy the details.

  1. Save publications to see later

Have you ever looked at a picture that you really wanted to save for later?

Well, now Instagram has a little known feature that allows you to save messages to an area of your profile only you can see. It is the perfect place for inspirational photos or even save competing publications that you would like to revisit.

How to do it:

  1. Go to the publication that you want to save
  2. Go to your profile and slide left
  3. Touch the marker icon below the photo on the right side of the screen.
  4. To view the saved posts, visit your profile and press the favorites icon to go to the saved tab
  5. Comment filter based on keywords

If you have a problem with social media or bullying, you’re in luck; Instagram has a little-known feature to help you deal with that.

The network offers comments controls that allow you to filter comments by keyword or even deactivate them completely for a given publication.

How to filter comments:

Select the person icon to visit your profile

Tap the gear icon on IOS or the three points on Android to travel to Options

Choose Comments

Toggle the Hide inappropriate comments option

This feature hides comments that contain words or phrases that are often reported as offensive. You can also choose to add your own list of custom keywords that you would like to hide in your messages

How to deactivate comments:

Start posting a photo or video as usual

When you reach the screen where you add an outline , location and other tags, select Advanced Settings

Toggle the option Disable comments.

  1. Remove comments

Did you know that not only can you delete your own comments on Instagram, but you can also delete comments other accounts in your posts?

How to delete your own comment:

Touch the box icon below the post that you simply have commented

Find the comment you want to delete

Hold or Swipe left on the comment

Tap the trash can icon

How to remove comments of others in your posts:

Touch the box icon below the post that contains the comment you would like to delete

Hold or Swipe left on the comment

Tap the options button, which allows you to reply or delete a comment

Tap the trash can icon to delete the comment

  1. Publish Instagram on Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a very visual and very powerful social platform for the reuse of its publications.

Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t appear together of the network options when sharing an Instagram post. But here are 2 ways:

How to do it on the mobile:

Go to the publication that you would like to make a Pin

Touch the three dot icon located above your publication on the proper

Select Copy URL.

Open the Pinterest application on your mobile device

Tap the “plus” sign icon at the highest right of the screen to feature a replacement Pin. CHECK HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM FOR LAPTOP WINDOWS 8

The menu will open, select Copy link.

Pinterest will open automatically with a link saved in the clipboard.

Choose the image you would like for the Pin and make the publication as usual

And many more of New Instagram tricks features available. For more questions and contributions use the comment sections below.

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