I Want Lesbianism Legalized in Nigeria – Diane Russet Calls

I Want Lesbianism Legalized in Nigeria

I Want Lesbianism Legalized in Nigeria – Diane Russet Calls on Nigerian Government to Legalize Lesbianism if possible immediately. This she said on Tuesday, when reacting to a follower’s post on her instagram page.

Diane Russet, who was one of the housemates in the Pepper Dem edition of  Big Brother Naija TV show has reiterated her interest in making lesbianism legal in Nigeria.  She said she would love it if the Nigerian Government will make moves to make Lesbianism legalized in Nigeria.

Russet Diane opened up on her secret desire via an instagram post which she shared on Tuesday. The former reality Tv star has earlier asked her followers to share their secret which no one knew about.

The little request turned into a fully blown lesbian desire when her follower replied saying “I am so attracted to girls. I wish lesbianism was legal, I would love to date a girl.”

Legalize lesbianism in Nigeria
I Want Lesbianism Legalized in Nigeria- Legalize Lesbianism – Diane Russet Calls on Nigerian Government

When she responded to the post, Diane completely without hiding her feelings showed much doubts that the idea would be highly welcomed in Nigeria even though she admires to see lesbianism fully in practice in Nigeria when she revealed how much love she has for lesbo.

“This conversation though, I doubt Nigeria will because we are too religious.

“Won’t type much before someone misquotes me.

“I would love to see it legalized though” she said.

You can see more evidences of her post on instagram here

Diane RussetLegalize Lesbianism

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