How to Write Effective Application Essay – Tips to Successful Application Essay

How to Write Effective Application Essay

How to Write Effective Application Essay – Tips to Successful Application Essay is a  well written article that gives you professional guide on how to write a successful application Essay. Most people find it very difficult to write a catchy essay which is capable of winning any award. is here to guide you achieve that.

How to Write Effective Application Essay – Tips to Successful Application Essay

Are you among those chaps who always ask their friends, family, teachers and relatives to write a simple essay for them when an opportunity pops up?  Are you among those who feel that they cannot write a catchy essay on their own? Then this article is for you. At the end of this article, you will be able to do the following-

  • Understand what it means to write a catchy essay
  • Be able to write a professional essay that can win you awards and accolades
  • Be able to guide younger ones on how to write a catchy essay

Tips to Successful Essay Writing – How to Write Effective Application Essay

I bet you that the most important tip you need to know about essay writing is self-confidence. So before I take you through other tips, I urge you to first beat your chest and say… I CAN!!! Below are some of the tips for writing an effective application essay:

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Be As Unique as Possible – Select a Unique Topic

The first step to writing a successful essay is selecting a unique topic. This is so awkward somewhat to explain further because it may seem I am here to rather discourage you. But obviously, uniqueness is the sole path of success.

There is always a conventional topic that almost everyone will love to write about. Run away from that topic if you wanna succeed. This is because the organizers will be tired of reading repeatedly about the same topic. They will be looking at who can be unique to choose the presumed difficult topic.

So do yourself the favour of choosing an outstanding topic and write on. Be wise also while choosing topic and don’t choose a topic you have least knowledge about in the name of being unique. In fact, instead of choosing a topic you you know nothing about, go with the popular one you know about. The point is don’t go with crowd.

Another reason you must be unique is that you probably don’t know the kind of person who may be appraising your essay. You should try your best to be as free as air and be so unique that your write-up may captivate the mind of your appraiser.

Do not Push yourself to Pour All Out – First Impression is Ever-lasting

Now you have chosen a captivating and unique topic, bear in mind it is time to prove your points. The point you wanna prove here is that YOU ARE THE BEST.

The first impression they say is the everlasting impression. I know you believe this too. As an essay writer, I know you desire to make an outstanding impression that one will not forget in  a hurry. Then this leads you to bringing out what you may call your best by using the most professional, deep and  conversational terms.

My dear, yes it is good to use the best of the words in the English dictionary, but do your best to be as simple as possible. It will make more sense if you use simple words that are straight to the point. Do not make the reader see your work s cumbersome. Make it as simple as possible in the most professional manner.

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Do you know why I urge you to be as simple as possible? This is because, most times we try so much to make best first time impression and end up messing the whole show up. But when we take it easy with ourselves, the best is sure to unveil. Therefore, try as much as possible to be free from first impression error.

To do this, simply give a summarizing discuss about your topic in a way that will raise the interest of the reader to join you in your write-up.

Hook up your Appraiser with Captivating Body of Essay – Be Natural with your Story

You must have introduced the topic in the most captivating manner that prompted him to desire to read more. Now imagine giving him a story that makes him sigh and wanna fling away your script… Do you think you will make it with such an essay? So this is the point of judgement that you must bring out everything you have at this point.

Have you not read a captivating essay or story before? How did you feel while reading it? Have you also not read a boring essay or story before? How did you feel about it? This is exactly how someone else is gonna feel about your essay depending on your stand.

Do you know the funniest part of this? This is someone you don’t know and may never know. Again, the person doesn’t know you and may never know you. Besides who cares about knowing the writer? Everyone is always interested in the content and not the container. So captivate his mind with a story well organized.

You can must make sure the points are well list sequentially and then followed by step by step explanation. Make sure you back your essay points explanations with realistic examples that best describes what you have in mind. You must not always use real life stories but make them as realistic as possible.

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Show Your Personality – Show You have Good Character and Home Training

One thing you cannot separate is the the fact that the reader must always have a picture of the kind of person you are in his mind. Now the question is…. What kind of picture do you paint for the reader> Check out More here

When you’re writing your essay, ask yourself whether it will give the reader an accurate impression of what kind of person you are. Being the best version of yourself is all well and good, but if you pretend to be someone you’re not, it’s not that hard to tell, even through writing.

Besides, colleges don’t want to accept just one particular kind of students. They know most of the people strive in diverse environments where they are exposed to different personalities, beliefs, and cultures. If you are meticulous and always pay attention to details, show it in your essay.

If you are the joker of the group, describe a situation where your sense of humour helped you to see something from a new perspective.
Actions Speak Louder than Words

One of the most common mistakes students make is describing their feelings and emotions with some vague words and not talking about any actions they took.

Remember, your reader is an intelligent person who can tell what conclusions you made and can probably guess how proud or how devastated you felt at that particular moment.

Don’t say that you’ve learned a lot from some experience, say exactly what you learned and how your life has changed by recounting the actions you took afterward. That will prove that you’re not only vulnerable and sensible but also know how to learn from your mistakes and take action.
Forget about the Thesaurus

As we said earlier, you shouldn’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not. So if you don’t use rare long words in your daily life, don’t put them into your essa


Most of the time, it doesn’t sound natural or may not even be appropriate. Besides, if you’ve never used that word before, you might end up using it in the wrong way.
Do not Recount your Resume

While choosing the topic of their essay, many students think their biggest achievement is the best option. However, it isn’t always true.

Your biggest achievements are all listed in your resume, so they will definitely be noticed and appreciated by the admission committee. There’s no need to bring attention to them in your application essay again.
Focus on Yourself

If you’re a modest person, it might be hard for you to focus on yourself in your essay. That’s why some students end up writing about their idols, the family members they admire, or thier best friends.

However, that’s not who you should write about in your essay. If those people influenced you a lot, talk more about how they changed your life and what kind of person you are thanks to them.
Show your Interest

Although you should be the central figure of your essay, it is also important to show why you are applying to that particular school. Many students send the same essay to different schools or even forget to change the school’s name in the essay.