How to prevent your whatsapp from being hacked – Top 3 ways WhatsApp can be hacked | How you can prevent it

How to prevent your whatsapp from being hacked

How to prevent your whatsapp from being hacked – Do you use WhatsApp? I’m sure you do, and not just you and I, there are a billion people who use WhatsApp for messaging their friends and family on a regular basis. And the fact it has got so large userbase it is used by different types of people for different types of work. Some involve casual chatting, while some involve sharing tip.

This is one among many reasons why Whatsapp is usually vulnerable getting hacked, send this text we’ll mention top 3 ways a WhatsApp account are often hacked in order that you are conscious of these tricks and may secure your WhatsApp account to stop it from getting hacked. PREVENT YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT FROM BEING HACKED

Getting hacked via spy apps – How to prevent your whatsapp from being hacked

If you’re not aware already there are apps available that lets people spy on other mobiles all they have is to seek out how to put in the app into the victims mobile and then , they will do all the messages call logs etc.

These spy apps have gotten stealth mode which makes it possible for such apps to remain discreet, and even the smartphone owner won’t know that the app is installed on their phones.

Spy apps like mSpy don’t even require rooted phones or jailbroken iPhones.

Getting hacked via WhatsApp web scan

WhatsApp has this feature where it provides the online version of WhatsApp in order that you’ll reply and consider messages directly on your PC.

For this to work, you need to type on your browser and then scan the QR code using the Whatsapp on your smartphone from the Whatsapp web section in the settings area.

But this will work against you if someone gets a hold of your smartphone only for a couple of seconds he can scan the QR code on your PC and stay connected to your WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp increasing the compatibility and availability of the features on WhatsApp web the threat is increasing even higher.

Getting hacked by changing numbers

This one is additionally a feature of WhatsApp which will be exploited and be used against you for hacking your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allows anyone to vary their phone numbers in WhatsApp, all it needs is OTP sent to the older number that you simply got to put into the WhatsApp.

There has been news of individuals tricking the victims to urge the OTP which you get on your phone and successfully changing the WhatsApp number and installing it on their own phones.

While this doesn’t give them access to the older messages it’s still a thread since they get the power to message anyone on your list or receive the other future messages.

How to prevent your WhatsApp from getting hacked

Now, just imagining that WhatsApp can get hacked can send the chills right down to our spine, this is often why I should take extra measures to stay your WhatsApp safe.

Lock Your WhatsApp, albeit your smartphone features a phone lock then your phones have also got fingerprint locks, it’s wiser to also lock the WhatsApp app.

They are smartphones like Xiaomi which have got this inbuilt feature where you can lock your individual apps, but you can also install third-party apps from Play store to get the stand. Doing this may provide an additional layer of security to your WhatsApp. HOW TO DO FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE

Do not share your phone with people you don’t know, as we’ve mentioned within the article about what are often done if someone gets a hold of your smartphone for just a few seconds. So better remember of this fact and always be of caution once you share your phone with others.

Block installation from unknown sources. This setting are often useful in providing an additional layer of security why not allowing AP installations on your phone from unknown sources. The apps can only be installed from the Play Store which is typically free from such spyware apps.

Sudhir was a number of the methods that you simply can apply to stop your WhatsApp from getting hacked. I hope you discover this text useful share this with anyone who might find this handy.