How to Access Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace Showing Up

How to Access Facebook Marketplace

How to Access Facebook Marketplace – Facebook marketplace officially rolled out in 2017, the feature is one that provides a convenient environment for Facebook users to put up items for sale, where other interested users can also buy these items. Why don’t I have Facebook marketplace |marketplace concept: With over one billion active users monthly, Facebook, being the biggest social media platform seem to be the best place to meet people, for both social and commercial purposes.

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With the advent of the Facebook marketplace feature, buying and selling on Facebook has grown exponentially, making Facebook a threat to other e-commerce sites. The feature is still a fresh rollout as it’s still being tested in some select few countries, causing a lot of Facebook users to go online asking questions such as “ why don’t I have Facebook marketplace“.

Where can I Access Facebook Marketplace | How to Access Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace can be accessed from any device, be it Android, iOS or Windows device. The marketplace may be located in different places for different devices, but still, perform the same function. The marketplace can be accessed through the following ways:

1. Facebook website: you can locate the marketplace feature on by clicking on. the main menu of the page and selecting the marketplace option on the menu.

2. Facebook app: you can access Facebook marketplace using the Facebook app; for Android, you can locate the marketplace menu at the top of the homepage or by tapping on the three horizontal lines at the side to open the secondary menu and navigate to the marketplace icon that looks like a shop. For iOS, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the marketplace icon with the same image demonstration.

Why You Don’t have Facebook Marketplace Showing Up

Facebook marketplace ought to be visible and ready for users with Facebook account, but for some reasons, the marketplace icon may not pop up, here are possible reasons that could cause such issue:

1. You’re below the age of 18: Facebook requires users of Facebook marketplace feature to be 18 years of age and above, if you’re not up to 18 years of age, you may not be able to use the marketplace feature.

2. The marketplace is not yet available in your country: another reason why some Facebook users may find challenges using the Facebook marketplace is due to the fact that their country or region is not supported by Facebook marketplace. The feature is still rolling out in other countries at the moment. You may visit to know more about the regions that support the Facebook marketplace.

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These two are the most common reasons why users may not have Facebook marketplace working on their device, another reason may possibly be the fact that your Facebook account is still new, new accounts on Facebook may not have the marketplace feature to prevent online fraudsters from selling fake products on marketplace, this shouldn’t last for too long, as soon as Facebook notices the authenticity of your account, the feature should be opened for you to access.