How I forget my email on Instagram – I forget my email on Instagram

How I forget my email on Instagram

How I forget my email on Instagram – A business person usually has multiple email address with multiply Instagram account also thanks to the character of his/her work, they’ll have a private account, a business account also as an advertising account on Instagram, all with different email address. See: The way to benefit Editing Apps for Instagram

How I forget my email on Instagram

Sometime, they’ll find it hard to differentiate the e-mail address wont to open a particular Instagram account which cause confusion and thinking deeply to look out the actual email address used. It’s better to not give yourself headache because remembering your email address is as easy as reciting ABC. By following the steps below, you’ll see the e-mail you used for a specific Instagram account;

  1. Login to your Instagram account using your username and password through a PC
  2. Attend your profile by clicking on your username which is at the top-right corner of the page Click “edit profile” from the menu
  3. Search and click on “email”, the e-mail attached to the Instagram account will then be displayed.

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You can now write the e-mail account somewhere safe and may be easily retrieved anytime it’s needed. Don’t depend upon returning to Instagram because you only don’t know what might happen within the future and moreover, internet connections can’t be 100% reliable.