How Can I Add Music To WhatsApp Status – How to Add Background Music to WhatsApp Status

How C I Add Music To WhatsApp Status

How Can I Add Music To WhatsApp Status – Of many things that have helped reshape the phone industry, WhatsApp is definitely among the top few. This messaging service is single-handedly responsible for destroying SMSes and even international phone calling to an extent.

Well, jokes apart, WhatsApp is a boon to mankind and its magically disappearing 24-hour status is the latest fad. These video/image-based messages allow users to say what they want in the best possible way. I do feel that the ability to record videos is great, however, it’s a bit sad that I cannot add the music of my choice in that video. That’s a big problem, or is it?

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How Can I Add Music To WhatsApp Status

The quickest and the happiest answer is no, it isn’t. You can add your tunes to a WhatsApp status while recording it from camera. Yes, while recording it live! But, how do you do it? In this post we’ll talk about all the ways in which you can add your very own custom tunes to your WhatsApp status and spruce it up all the more.


As mentioned above, you can add music to your WhatsApp status while recording it through the app itself. However, there is a slight twist in this story.

WhatsApp allows you to record the sound along with the video for the status. Now, all you need to do is use this feature to your advantage and add your favorite music to the status. Here’s how:

Step 1: Use any music player app on your phone and play the song that you wish to use as the background music for your WhatsApp status. For this, you can even use an online music app. Make sure that you’re playing the song through the speaker and not your wired or wireless headset.

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Step 2: Now, open WhatsApp while the song is playing in the background. Go to status and start recording your status. Ensure that the music playback is at its maximum volume level. This way, you can ensure a better background music quality for your status.

Step 3: When you’re done recording, quickly preview the recording and, if everything is in the right order, hit that green arrow at the bottom and let everyone drool over your new status.