Gunners flop

Gunners flop consistently to hand the Blues a cheap win over them at the Stamford Bridge this evening. Mesut Ozil’s early miss paved way for a counter attack which Pedro saw as an avenue to pay the Gunners back in their own coin in the ninth minute of the game.


Gunners flop in their second premier league match as they received a hot 3 – 2 defeat at the stanford bridge at the late hours of Saturday, 18th August 2018.

This is the second consistent loss which the Gunners have enjoyed this season. Mesut Ozil gave away an easy goal which saw Pedro receive a counter attack ball to nail the Gunners in the 9th minute of the game.

Aubameyang was another flop in a striker as he gave away a free equalizing opportunity which saw Morata receive the ball in counter to teach him how best to score in the 20th minute of the game.

Gunners returned the ball to themselves after the second goal against them and it seemed as if it was when the match began. This was when they picked themselves from where they lost it.

Mkihtaryan lifted the Gunners’ hope with his goal in the 37th minute as he received a rebounced ball from Iwobi’s shot. It was a good finish though Arrizabalaga was at full stretch to save the ball to no avail.

Iwobi gave the Gunners full hope of victory over the Blues as he leveled Gunners the scoreline at the 41th minute of the game with a powerful volley into the net from…… cross.

The equalizer gave Arsenal a hope of win even as their flop continued when Iwobi missed an opportunity to increase his tally.

Gunners flop consistently as Lacazzete threw back a free ball to Hazzard who saw free range to drive past the Gunners’ defense to cross a low ball which freely met Alonso as he jabbed the ball past Peter Cech in then 81st minute.

The game remained in the favour of the Blues even as Giroud missed a late opportunity to increase the tally.