Google Allo App – Features of Top Google Allo Messaging App

Google Allo App

Google Allo App is an instant messaging App designed by Google for android and iOS phones. It is presently competing serious with the likes of whatsapp, imo, facebook messenger etc. The unique thing with this is Google allo has Google Assistant, which is a chatbot that provides answers to all your queries.

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Allo has been made available for millions of Google service customers. It is available for phones, Google home and Android TV.

Top Google Allo Features You Should Know – Top Allo Features

Let me provide you with the special features of Google allo that makes it very interesting. They are;

Smartest Replies:  The Google assistant provides you with lots of smart responses when chatting with friends, family and colleagues. These responses are based on the context of the chat (discussion). For example, should you share a picture inviting him to a party, the friend will see options like, “On my way” “I’m coming” and many other options to choose from.

Interestingly, if the images contain food items, you will see options of close-by restaurants to choose from. This is in fact a smarter way of chatting than the conventional that allows you say all by yourself.

Emojis: If you make use of Allo emoji features, you will see that chatting is made pretty cool and easier. Simply pass your message by choosing an emoji that best suits what you have in mind.  There are many emojis that satisfy various emotional situations without you typing a lot both pets, social events, occasions etc.

Scribble Away: Jazz-up images you share with friends by adding text to them

Make Duo Calls From Within Allo: Interestingly, you  can make both ordinary and video calls with this app. This makes it attractive and interesting to use. You will just see the icon for Duo in the conversation window, allowing access to video calls without having to launch Duo.

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Stickers Of Different Styles: You can make use of different stickers for chatting to improve the quality of the chat.

Any Question For Google Assistant: to learn more about this, you can start a chatbot where you can ask or request it to do certain things like, recite poems, tell jokes, serve up news headlines, play games, sports scores and much more.

Surely, this is a way to keep yourself  entertained when you feel bored. You can invoke the assistant directly from within a chat window by typing @google.

Go Incognito: There is an Incognito Mode which doesn’t store a record of your previous conversation. Setting  timer is possible that after such time duration, the chat automatically disappears. All ephemeral chats are overlaid with a grey incognito icon.

Create your own stickers with selfies:  you can create a custom sticker set with your own selfies. When you take a selfie, Google leverages its machine learning skills to “ critically analyze the pixels of an image and algorithmically determine attribute values. This is done by looking at pixel values for color, shape, and texture” to build a sticker pack that’s based on your image.

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Through this messaging app, you can create up to 22 stickers based on your desire. Though the stickers can only be used within Allo.

Finally, Google Allo app makes use of phone numbers as identifiers, and permits users to exchange messages, files, voice notes and images. It includes a virtual assistant, a feature that generates automatic reply suggestions, and an optional encrypted mode.

Another thing is that users of Google allo can resize their messages and add doodles plus stickers on images before they send them out.

How to Download Google Allo App – Instant Messaging App

Having explained what the Google allo app is all about, you can’t use it without first downloading it in your phone. Let’s not waste much time. If you wanna download Google allo app, click on the links below for android and iOS phones;

Download Allo For Android Phones Here
Download Allo For iOS Phones Here

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