Five reasons Trump will Lose – 2020 US Election

Five reasons Trump will Lose

Five reasons Trump will Lose – 2020 US Election is an article that explains to you reasons why Trump will not win the 2020 US election that has heated up. Are you still thinking that Trump will win this 2020 US election? Then you must go through this article and start considering facing reality of Trump Losing.
As experts in project analysis, has been following the US 2020 election and come up with the following as reasons Trump will lose to Biden.

Five reasons Trump will Lose – 2020 US Election

Check out the list of reasons we think Trump will lose the 2020 US election.

1.   Have You Checked His Numbers? So bad

Have you observed that in the last 26 months Trump’s Michigan numbers have not been really green?. According to morning consult, he’s two points below October status. This was before Republicans lost two House seats and the governorship.

Checkout also his status in Wisconsin, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Trump’s minus 13 in Wisconsin, minus 12 in Iowa while his party lost two out of the three House seats and minus 7 in Pennsylvania. Again in Pennsylvania which is the birthplace of Joe Biden, Democrats won by 10 points the generic House vote.

Check also the Electoral College! Twitter says, confident young people educate us about their hero’s resilience in Midwestern battlegrounds and he snatched victory from popular-vote defeat in 2016. Thanks for that. Really.

Can you see that Just on those four, his 306 2016 electoral votes has  fallen to 254 (even though 270 is needed to win). Dont you see that it’s over?. But as many as 215 Trump electoral votes could be in play, based on state-by-state polls.

Even though early polling isn’t cool enough for head-to-head matchups, there is pretty close relationship between late-first-term presidential approval and re-election prospects. Should it change, an intervening recession, war or economic boom explains why. This is among the

Five reasons Trump will Lose

2.  Trumps Numbers Stink  Everyone’s  Mind is Well Made up Against Him

At the moment, the net approval rating of Trump is way below normal. It stands at minus 8.5 percentage points in the RealClear Politics polling average. Another rating platform, tips it at minus 10, since about 53% disapprove, 43% approve and 4% won’t say a word about him.

According to, this was a heavy spread achieved first by March 2017 even though Trump hasn’t narrowed it below nine since.

This means that not even a single person is changing his/her mind towards that. Checkout and see that about 40% of the people like his act, if only to “own the libs.” What about everyone else? it is clear Nope.

3. Trump is a Screwer – He’ll keep screwing Things up

Are you the only one who doesn’t know that Trump has been meandering towards armed conflict with many countries, including Iran. Obviously, to be a wartime leader, there’s need to have 100% trust instead of  r telling 10,796 lies in office. This lies count is as reported by Washington Post last week about Trump.

Trump will now have two options which are either to climb down (again) from his latest pseudo-crusade, or trying war without the support of the public. None of the two scenarios makes him better or more popular.

Can you remember his July 4 rally at the Lincoln Memorial? It’s was absolutely tacky there. Trump went to salute Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural, and the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg which he offered charity to nobody but malice to all nearly.

Check out how he messed with trade again, making your portfolio more volatile and afterwards opened more barbed-wire refugee camps. He caused them to lose some of their kids, blow off subpoenas, keeping investigations of his inauguration, foundation, taxes and Russian influence alive.

Funny enough, he claimed to try another Obamacare repeal bill, after 2017’s failures handed Democrats the House. This will definitely lead to his defeat.

4. Though Economy is Better, Trump has never gotten and will never get  credit for the economy

Even though the unemployment rate fall from 10% to 3.6%, Trump who came along at 4.7% doesn’t get the credit.  The manufacturing jobs has reduced too. Wage growth which is unexceptional is slowing.

The stock market (Trump’s favorite indicator) has stalled — the Standard & Poor’s 500 index SPX, +1.94% and Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +1.94% have bounced around, driven by Trump’s on-again-off-again tariff wars. The Dow peaked in January 2018, the S&P last September.

It’s only because the Federal Reserve has taken the wheel that we are back near the peaks and this shows only that it’s moving towarsd more interest-rate cuts. Most persons doesn’t seem to give Trump the credit but Twitter’s ranter-in- chief says it’s economics, and economics alone?

5. It’s Jeo Biden  and not Hillary running — It’s not Hunter Biden Either – Five reasons Trump will Lose


There’s clear evidence that the main point that made Trump US president was Clinton’s e-mail scandalette. You can remember the fact also that her family’s history of diving for dollars, even taking $675,000 for Hillary’s speeches at Goldman Sachs was not forgotten by Americans.

This time, Joe Biden is the opponent. He’s seriously campaigning on integrity of which it seems Americans trust and believe in him. They seem to prefer the cool-headed Biden over the arrogant Trump.

2020 US Election Result is Out

These are the above reasons why we think Trump will Lose the 2020 US election. You can even read to find out more about Trump and Biden as different individuals. Click HERE to find out the latest about the US Election Results.

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