Facebook Secret Dating Site – How to Activate Facebook Dating Feature

Facebook Secret Dating Site

Facebook Secret Dating Site – Facebook secret dating is like all other dating sites and dating application but with the difference that it is free and it has a better privacy policy, Facebook secret dating is not a whole site or a whole app on its own but it is under Facebook and can only be accessed through Facebook login. The Facebook secret dating site is basically the same as Facebook dating, Facebook secret crush and admirer is a feature on the Fb app after enabling dating. Facebook dating is a subset of Facebook.

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When you are using the Facebook secret dating, your activities on the Facebook dating page will not be known to your friends on your main Facebook page. The Facebook secret dating has a feature called Facebook secret crush, with Facebook secret crush you can select 9 people which you have been crushing on, and if they have a crush on you back then you have a perfect match and can both go on a date.

Facebook Secret Dating Site | How to Activate Facebook Dating

Activating Facebook secret dating does not include any subscription fee or registration fee, all you have to do is have a Facebook account. You can know how to activate Facebook dating with the steps below

1. Connect your device to the internet

2. Launch the Facebook app or open Facebook web from your mobile browser

3. Login to your account

4. After you have successfully login you will receive a prompt notification at the top of your news feed page, above all news feed, this notification contains message concerning Facebook dating, you can easily click or tap on the blue learn more button to initiate activation.

In some countries, you won’t receive this notification because Facebook secret dating is not yet available in that country. But If you are desperate for a date you can go to Facebook dating groups to get dates.

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Facebook Secret Dating | How to See Members on Facebook Dating Groups

For those who do not have Facebook secret dating available in their country yet can easily go to Facebook dating groups and find people of their interest. Not everyone knows how to see members on Facebook dating groups, but with these few steps you’ll realize it is easy

1. Launch your Facebook app or your Facebook web version

2. Sign in to your Facebook account

3. Search for the dating group

4. Open the group

5. Directly under the cover photo, you’ll see members, click on it

6. A list of all the group members will be displayed

You can view the individual profile and add them as friends by just clicking on add beside the group member name.