Facebook Secret Crushes – How To Start Using Facebook Secret Crushes Feature for Singles Dating

Facebook Secret Crushes

Facebook Secret Crushes – Facebook is a largely populated social network that is known for reconnecting with long lost friends, making new friends, chatting with friends and posting pictures, videos, texts, and other files. People have many Facebook secret crushes and admirers which they can date by simply sending messages, using the secret crush feature on the Fb dating app.

Not long ago Facebook brought a replacement feature to its platform, this feature is named Facebook dating, under Facebook dating there’s a sub-feature called Facebook secret crushes, Facebook secret crush may be a feature that permits you to pick your crush or crushes from Facebook dating, when picking your crushes nobody knows about it, it’s just a secret between you and yourself. FREE GOOGLE ACCOUNT

With Facebook secret crushes you get the chance to select up to nine people you’re crushing on, after selecting them, they’re going to be notified that somebody features a crush on them but the profile of the person won’t be revealed, if you pick your crush and your crush picks you back then you will both be notified that you have a crush on one another and therefore the identity and profile of your crush will not be a secret to you.

Activating Facebook Dating

Activating Facebook dating is the only way in which you can have access to this group, activating Facebook dating does not require any form of payment, the only requirement is a Facebook account, Facebook dating are often activated with the subsequent steps

  1. Launch Facebook
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. After sign in you’ll receive a prompt concerning Facebook dating, click learn more to start activation.

The Facebook dating feature is not opened to all countries, it is only Facebook users in countries with access to Facebook dating that will be able to see this prompt.

Facebook Dating Profile

Facebook dating profile is your profile in your Facebook dating page, it’s entirely different from your Facebook account profile, you’ll need to set it up to possess a complete and valid Facebook dating account so when your Facebook secret crushes view your profile they’re going to know you’re real, with the subsequent steps you’ll found out your Facebook dating profile. PAYONEER ACCOUNT

  1. Log in to Facebook and open your Facebook dating page
  2. Open the profile page and update your gender
  3. Select a gender you are interested in
  4. Choose your location
  5. Edit your bio
  6. Answer the question tiles – question tiles are dating related questions, tap on any tile to answer the question it bears.
  7. Upload a picture of you.

After updating the above you’ll later add more photos to your profile and later change or edit your dating profile.