Facebook Secret Crush Emoticons – Facebook Secret Crush Emoticons Feature for Admirers Near Me

Facebook Secret Crush Emoticons

Facebook Secret Crush Emoticons – Facebook is a social media platform which is popularly known for connecting with old friends, making new friends and chatting with friends privately and both in groups. Facebook Secret Admirer Dating Chat App Feature – Facebook Secret Crush Emoticons Feature for Admirers Near Me.

Facebook is expanding day by day, introducing new features to its platform, one of the latest features of Facebook is Facebook dating, Facebook dating helps you connect with people you love or secretly admire without your friends or family on Facebook Knowing about it. Once you have a Facebook secret admirer you can use the Facebook dating to notify the person, but the person won’t know exactly who the secret admirer is.

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Unlike other dating sites and dating apps where you have to pay money to register and find matches, Facebook dating is free of charge with stronger privacy settings. After your Facebook secret admirer has been notified that he or she has a secret admirer that person won’t know who it is but if the person also has a crush on you and add you too as a crush your identity will be revealed to each other and you can take your conversation to Facebook messenger.

Setting Up a Dating Profile | Facebook Secret Admirer

When using Facebook dating ensure you set up a Facebook dating profile that doesn’t look too curious in order not to piss your face and secret admirer off. Setting up a dating profile is the first step to getting an actual date on Facebook.

Use the steps below to set up a Facebook dating profile.

1. Activate your data connection

2. Launch Facebook and login to your Facebook account

3. Enable Facebook dating and go to your profile

4. From your profile, select your gender and the gender you have interest in

5. Choose your location so you can get people in your area

6. Write a brief bio about you, make sure bio contains things you like and do not

7. Question tiles will be displayed, these tiles contain questions concerning dating, tap on any tile to answer the question it asks

8. Upload your profile photo

Your Facebook dating profile is completely different from your normal Facebook account profile, so it will be necessary to update your Facebook dating profile.

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How to Activate Facebook Dating | Facebook Secret Admirer

Without activating your Facebook dating you won’t be able to poke your Facebook secret admirer and notify them about you. With the following steps, you’ll know how to activate Facebook dating

1. Connect your device to an active data.

2. Launch Facebook.

3. Log in to Facebook.

4. At the top of your screen, a notification will be displayed containing Facebook dating, click on learn more to activate Facebook dating.

After the above steps you have successfully activated Facebook dating, if you don’t get the notification about Facebook dating then Facebook dating is not available in your country.