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Facebook Encrypted Secret Messages

Facebook Encrypted Secret Messages – Facebook is a popular social media platform well known for chatting and making friends, but with Facebook messenger, you have an easier and faster way plus a more fun way of chatting with your friends and family. Facebook secret chat app gives users the opportunity to express their feeling to their crush and admirer via messenger chats or conversations feature. See: Facebook Buy Sell and Trade

Facebook Encrypted Secret Messages

But in those cases where you will need to hide your chats and keep them privately, Facebook wasn’t always the best option until recently when Facebook secret chat was introduced, the Facebook secret chat is the feature of Facebook messenger that helps encrypt your chats and hide them from Intruders or anyone at all.

Facebook secret chat is designed in a way that you’ll have to activate it, the encryption is not automatic like WhatsApp end to end encryption. After enabling the Facebook secret chat, a new conversation page will be opened where you can chat with your friend privately, this new page does not have anything to do with your previous conversation page or your old chats, that is, if you have been previously chatting with a friend and you want to have a secret conversation for some reasons, after starting the Facebook secret conversation, your old and previous messages and chats will remain the same while you have you Facebook secret chat on a new interface.

How to Start Facebook Secret Chat

Facebook secret chat is not two ends encrypted, that means, if you have initiated a secret chat from your end, it doesn’t mean your friend’s secret chat will automatically be activated too. You can learn how to start a Facebook secret chat with the following steps:

  1. Connect to the internet
  2. Launch Facebook messenger
  3. Tap on the chat icon
  4. From the top right corner of your phone screen, tap on the pin icon
  5. Select secret
  6. Select the friend you want to have a secret conversation with
  7. Start your chat
  8. If you do not want the chat there for a long time, you can set a timer for when the chat will disappear, to set the timer, click on the timer icon on the text field.

The Facebook secret conversation is available to only iOS and Android devices and it does not work on Facebook chat so in order to use Facebook secret chat feature you must use Facebook messenger.

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How to Delete Facebook Secret Chat

You can delete your Facebook secret chat if you want in very easy steps, follow the instructions below to know how to delete Facebook secret chat

  1. From your Facebook messenger tap on the chats icon
  2. Tap on your profile photo
  3. Scroll down till you see secret conversation and tap on it
  4. Select delete all conversation
  5. Tap on delete.

Deleting these secret conversations from your device won’t delete them from your friend’s device too, so if you want the messages gone you can tell your friend too delete them too.