Facebook Business Contest 2020 – Facebook Business Contest Idea 2020 | How to Run a Facebook Contest

Facebook Business Contest 2020

Facebook Business Contest 2020 – Business on Facebook is growing at a quite outstanding rate, users have taken the platform as a way to promote and enhance their business by increasing their reach and advertising their products and services. There are now business Facebook pages and advertisements space for users who hope to use Facebook as a way to market and widen their business.

Facebook Business Contest 2020

But like any Facebook page, the Facebook Business page starts from scratch, it is like opening a new Facebook account rather than an Instagram account. You as the owner have to start from the scratch, followers, likes, views, and repost don’t automatically come, all these happens based on your activities on the new account you just opened. It takes time, commitment, patience, and hard work. For instance, if you just open a new Instagram account, your following and followers list is zero but this can increase based on your activities on the account like the kind of things you post and share, who you decide to follow, the posts you like or advertisements you click on, the hashtags most of your activities are based on. See: FACEBOOK BUSINESS APP MARKETPLACE

So, it is when opening a Facebook Business page, you are almost starting from scratch trying to reach people and inform them about your products and services. Unless your business brand is typically a really popular one then this may be a touch bit easy. You have to increase Facebook users’ activities on your page and like the example above this will happen based on your activities on and with the page.

Facebook Business Contest Ideas are ways to improve your way of advertising your business product and services either by Facebook pages or ads, thereby increasing Facebook users’ activities on your Facebook business page and will definitely increase your business customers. These ideas vary on what you would like exactly on your Facebook business page

  1. Maybe you will like to increase the activities on the Facebook business page like the number of likes, comments or shares?
  2. Or to create awareness of your product like how to use the product or how your business services work?
  3. Or to create more traffic on your Facebook business page

All these listed above need strategic ideas planned to catch Facebook user’s attention to figure . Organizing contests are one of the easiest ways. You could organize giveaways and sweepstakes in which you grant prizes to users who would complete a specific action of yours that has to do with the product and services of your business. This can be done by asking users questions about your products and services or asking them to take pictures or videos of them utilizing your products and services and promising a prize for the winner of the event. Make sure to have a picture or video which you would post on the Facebook business page, like a proof that a specified user or customer did win the prizes so as to make your contests trustworthy, thereby increasing users curiosity about your products and services and will surely move sales up and activities on your Facebook business page. Make sure to do this from time to time and also give a specified amount of time for the contest

You could also do puzzles, quizzes like brain testing questions, something to make people get easily attracted to your page, or a photo contest which would really boost the activities on your page, on a traditional basis people do love taking pictures now consider what proportion they’re going to love taking pictures once they determine they might actually win something. Then there is also trying to create a conversation with your customers or people on your page, but for this to be successful, you need a whole lot of people on your Facebook business page. You could ask of customers review of some products or services your business offers thereby increasing activities both on your page and the purchase of your business products and services or you could do a special and put the power of naming a particular product or services into customers or users grasp by posting a picture or video on what the merchandise or services are all about and letting the general public name it. The names are reviewed by a panel and the name that has the highest tally and perfectly describes the function of the product and services wins it, a prize should tend to who prescribed the name so on increase people participation on your page contests. FACEBOOK VIDEO FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY | BIRTHDAY FACEBOOK VIDEO

Promos and special offers is also a good way to promote your Facebook business page. You could offer services and products at a very low price to people who are subscribed to your Facebook business page or giving prizes to customers or Facebook users who have purchased your goods and services. This, as usual, will encourage the public.

How to Run a Facebook Contest – Facebook Business Contest 2020

  1. Set your goals and your objectives
  2. Pick ideas that will assure the achievements of these goals
  3. Know and Understand your audience
  4. Depending on the prizes to be won design your contest i.e. don’t design a very strenuous or hard contest for a little prize as this will discourage users from taking part in the contest, for a Facebook business page still trying to grow, keep the contest simple.
  5. Promote the Facebook business contest by advertising it on other media.

A good, strategically and executed Facebook business contest will sure boost not just your Facebook business page but also boost your business in terms of sales and recognition.