Enabling the Whatsapp Notification – How to Enabling the Whatsapp Notification

Enabling the Whatsapp Notification

Enabling the Whatsapp Notification – Whatsapp is a regular widely known messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages from friends and family members across the world. Whatsapp normally is widely used and almost everybody with a smartphone has the Whatsapp app. In this article, you’re getting to find out how to enable notifications from the Whatsapp app. But before we start we must first start with learning a touch about the Whatsapp notification status. CHECK HERE: Email Password Reset – The Ways To Reset Gmail Password

The Whatsapp notification status is meant to assist you receive instant notifications on your device reach time you receive a messages or text from Whatsapp. However, if you would like to enable and use the Whatsapp notification you want to first have access to a Whatsapp account and to possess a Whatsapp account you would like he Whatsapp app. getting the Whatsapp app also can be a touch difficult as you would like to download the updated version of Whatsapp for it to figure.

Download the Whatsapp App

As we were trying for instance earlier, you would like the Whatsapp app to access and use Whatsapp. But before then you would like a tool that supports the Whatsapp app first. The Whatsapp app is meant to run on device that has an android version of 4.0.1 and better. Again you would like a minimum of approximately fifty megabytes to download the Whatsapp app.

Enabling the Whatsapp Notification

Finally we’ve gotten to the subject of the day, how you’ll enable the Whatsapp notification for or device. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

Launch the Whatsapp app on your device and login your Whatsapp account that’s if you’ve got one before.

If you do not have a Whatsapp account before, you can simply create one by adding your mobile number.

Tap on settings from the more icon then on notifications.

Choose your notification tone and vibration length which it’s.

You can also enable popup notifications on your device. If you’ve got done the above procedure and it seems as if it’s not still working, then attend your phone settings and, READ: The Best ways to Get Permanent Instagram Followers

Go to app settings and select the Whatsapp app.

Click on the icon that shows enable notifications to enable notification on your device form the Whatsapp app.

Once you effectively do this, you’ll start receiving notifications from the Whatsapp app on your device. You will be notified whenever you are sent a message on Whatsapp.