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Have you cared to know what Ebonyians Speak about 2019 elections? If yes, what do you think Ebonyians Speak? In view to answer this critical question, GODCENTVC today, Monday, the 13th day of August, 2018, visited Abakpa main market to know the minds of Ebonyians towards the upcoming 2019 elections and hear them out.

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Jennifer Nwali: Asking me what I think about 2019 is like asking me what my name is… Lolsssssssssss. For me, Umahi is the answer. Ever since he came as Governor, everywhere is neat and beautiful. The market is clean today because Umahi is a no nonsense person. If not, the EBSEPA people will not be serious like before. So, my dear, I love how clean the market is and so, I will vote him come 2019. Not only me oooo, all my children. I have even started campaigning for him… LOLSSSSSSS…

Emeka Uzor: David, David, David ka anyi ga esooooo… Ma ona ejeje, ma ona ala ala, David ka anyi ga esooooooo… My brother, who no like good thing, make de person go knack head for gutter… For instance, if U are traveling from Abia State  to Ebonyi or from Ebonyi to Abia State, the moment you enter or leave Ebonyi, na your motor go tell you say you don enter or comot for Ebonyi. You know what I mean, no doubt… By then, you will know that there’s a great difference between Umahi and other Governors. For me, 2019 is sure for him… No thinking twice…

Odii Philip: Ordinarily, I should not answer you because I think this question is what you already know the answer. For me and I think for we Ebonyians, we have not seen anybody that is credible to contest against Umahi come 2019. Abi no be who dey credible go contest?  Umahi na talk na do, SIMPLE.

Earlier before now, in a similar development, the Special Adviser to the Ebonyi State Governor on Capital Territory, Hon. Stanley Okoro, described the administration of Governor David Umahi as pro-people, adding that the accomplishments of the State government thus far are remarkable and worthy of emulation. To read more about his opinion, click HERE

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