Download Latest Computer Launcher Version App – Free Computer Launcher Download

Download Latest Computer Launcher Version App

Download Latest Computer Launcher Version App – Computer Launcher is an Android launcher that totally transforms your Smartphone’s interface and gives it the look of a computer with Windows 10. The effect is pretty amazing! There’s a start button, your notification center, the clock in the lower right side of the screen, etc.

Using the beginning button, you’ll quickly access all the apps you’ve got installed also as all the launcher configuration options and therefore the button to show off or restart the device. FREE GTWORLD APP DOWNLOAD

Free Computer Launcher Download

The best part about Computer Launcher is that it doesn’t just affect the most screen; it also changes the file manager which turns into a particular replica of the classic ‘My Computer’ section. You can use this section to quickly and comfortably access all the files on your Android. And as you’ll imagine, you’ll perform any action you’ll with Windows.

Computer Launcher is a superb alternative to any traditional launcher because it offers you a completely different experience than what you’re wont to. It’s ideal for those who want to feel like they’re using Windows, even on their Smartphone.

Basic Features:

  1. Computer Launcher style Start Menu
  2. Android application in Stylish Tiles – In Start Menu
  3. Best application are available on One Click – Create Shortcuts of most used application on Desktop by press and Hold Feature.
  4. Easy Navigation to the Apps
  5. Built-In support of File Explorer in Computer Launcher
  6. Create Folders, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share etc.
  7. Listing of all of your drives, SD Card, Storage, audio and video files and pictures in PC style.
  8. Computer Launcher Taskbar
  9. put the files to Recycle Bin and delete later in win x style
  10. Built-in ZIP support allows you to decompress or extract ZIP/RAR files
  11. Action Center. Notifier Center: Like win x launcher, the pc also features a action center bar. You can check the notice of application or system with Notification Center. DOWNLOAD FREE VIRUS CLEANER APP 2020 LATEST VERSION
  12. Hide Applications
  13. Desktop Icons Removable
  14. Add Applications in Start Menu (Paid Only)
  15. Change the beginning Menu Application (Press and Hold the app to change)
  16. Change applications in Task-bar (Press and Hold)
  17. Built-In Gallery Feature added
  18. Photo Tile changeable
  19. Widgets in desktop mode
  20. Built in apps (Photo viewer)

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