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Download Common English Mistakes

Download Common English Mistakes – Common English Mistakes help you to avoid common mistakes in English Usage. It will not only help you in identifying common mistakes in English but also improve your confidence while speaking and writing in English.

This application is especially made for those persons whose mother tongue is not English, so it is very carefully categorized in 5 chapters to help them to understand the mistakes easily. This app is specially designed to meet the requirements of students whose mother tongue is not English.

Download Common English Mistakes:

People with English as their second language make some very common mistakes while speaking or writing in English. The mistakes most of the times are grammar related, framing the questions in wrong manner or small preposition/articles mistakes.

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Some mistakes could be very embarrassing. With this app you can understand, learn & improve on those mistakes. You can also bookmark and share the specific mistakes, that way you can keep track. This application is very carefully categorized to help users to understand the mistakes easily.

Follow the link below to download this wonderful app that will help you to improve your English speaking but before giving out the link that will help you to download quickly look into main features of this that make it unique from other app.

Main Features:

-> common English mistakes with correct and incorrect sentences.

-> Free and offline.

-> categorized in 5 chapters to help users to understand and correct mistakes easily

-> Helps in improving General English

-> Helpful for Interviews and Business Meeting

-> Improve writing and spoken skills

-> Bookmark and Share option

-> Various text size and font related settings

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Note; English learning is very important nowadays. So avoid most common grammatical mistakes by using “Common English Mistakes” app. This common English Mistakes application will definitely help you to avoid common mistakes and speak or write English confidently. This application will also help you to in various competitive examinations.