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Download Best App Lock

Download Best App Lock For Android  is about how to download best app lock for your android phones. You can use Best app lock to lock different applications in your android phone easily. Prevent people’s access to your phone and apps by using Best app lock now.

About Best App Lock – Learn About Best App Lock for Android

This is a security App for Android. Maybe you have some friends who always sneak into your phone to do what is best known to them, are you tired of their activities? Then, this app is for you. This app will prevent those friends from accessing your phone to run down your battery and even use up your airtime.

You know how painful this is to see your loved ones access your phone without your consent. If you are tired of them using your phone to play games, watch movies, play music and do anything you wouldn’t want them to do without your consent, enough is enough with this app at your disposal.

Simply lock your  Gallery, Messenger, Contacts, Facebook, SMS, Settings, Incoming calls, Videos, Pictures and any other App of your choice with this app. It’s your duty to maximize your personal security with App lock.

The truth is that it’s very easy to use and again can be locked using different methods like: Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint password. Even AppLock has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. You need not bother yourself again about sneaking friends and family members.

Main Features Of App Lock For Android

  • Properly designed themes which is capable of  Locking your incoming call so nobody dares with your calls even when you are not around.
  • Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids, use video vault to hide videos and use photo vault to put your photos in a virtual safe. You can also lock Google Play to prevent buy games.
  • No much space occupied by App Lock with Power saving mode to save battery. You can also lock WiFi, Mobile data, Bluetooth(Switch).
  • Lock with timing as you desire. Just set time lock with this App so that it automatically locks/unlocks according to time. And Location lock as well. it locks and unlocks according to location.
  • The Icon can be hidden so that nobody sees it in your phone. They can only find out when they begin to beg for your password.
  • You may decide to insert an additional safety net to your device with this Best App Lock For Android, and never bother yourself again about who visits your phone without your consent.


Download  here

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