Delete My Facebook Messenger – How To Delete Facebook Messenger

Delete My Facebook Messenger

Delete My Facebook Messenger – Facebook has become an integral part of our online lives, so much so that we can’t possibly fathom a day without it. The social networking site boasts a mammoth 2.2 billion monthly active users, and these numbers continue to grow with each passing day.

Beyond the world of status updates, never-ending political and social debates, and personal photo/video posting, Facebook is also becoming a prominent name in the instant messaging marketplace.

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However, it has been mired in controversies as of late with data scandals and breaches affecting the privacy of millions of users! If you’re still skeptical about deleting your Facebook account though, you should at least keep your personal communications out of their reach.

Note: Please note that uninstalling Facebook messenger will not delete your messages, unless you delete them manually beforehand. Moreover, it isn’t possible to delete the messages you sent from your friend’s inbox.

Before You Delete: Download Your Facebook Messenger Chat History

Whether you want to save a certain conversation or keep a backup of your Facebook Messenger chats outside of Facebook, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Step1: Click the small triangle in the top right corner and select Settings. Next, click Your Facebook Information, and then Download Your Information.

Step2: Click Deselect All and tick the Messages box to download your chats only. Once done, click Create File and Facebook will start preparing a backup copy of your messages – it can take anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes depending on the size and number of your chats.

Step3: Facebook will send you a notification when your chats are ready to be downloaded. Click it, and then select Download to save your Facebook Messenger chat history on your computer.

And that’s it! You’ve deleted your Facebook account (forever!)

How to Delete Facebook Messenger on Android?

To delete Facebook Messenger on Android, follow these steps:

Step1: Access Google Play Store.

Step2: Type “Facebook Messenger” in the search box.

Step3: Tap Messenger from the search results.

Step4: Tap Uninstall.

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Step5: Tap Ok to confirm the uninstallation.

How to Delete Facebook Messenger on iOS?

To delete Facebook Messenger on iOS, follow these steps:

Step1: Tap and hold the Facebook Messenger icon.

Step2: Tap the “x” in the icon’s top left corner.

Step3: Tap Delete to confirm the uninstallation.