Create Groups for Twitter – How to Create Groups for Twitter

Create Groups for Twitter

Create Groups for Twitter – Your Twitter timeline can become an overwhelming place if you follow a lot of people. With the standard Twitter user tweeting several times per day, you’ll easily lose track of updates from your favorite Twitter users as you plough through many posts. That’s why Twitter gives you the power to group together users in separate lists. After configuring an inventory, you’ll filter the tweet stream by clicking the list name to make sure that you simply never miss updates from the Twitter users you care about most. CREATE GROUPS AND CHANNELS ON TELEGRAM

Create Groups for Twitter

Step 1: Launch a Web browser and log in to your Twitter account. Click the “Profile and Settings” button labeled with your profile image in the top menu bar.

Step 2: Select “Lists” from the pull-down menu then click the “Create a replacement list” button.

Step 3: Type the name and description of the list, select the privacy setting for the list and click “Save List.”

Step 4: Click the “Home” button then “Followers” and “Following.”

Step 5: Click the gear icon within the profile pane for a user you’d wish to increase a saved list, then select “Add or remove from lists” and click the list to add that user to the list. THE WAY TO CREATE ACCOUNT GMAIL

Step 6: Repeat this process for every user you’d wish to increase the newly created list. You can also add Twitter users you are doing not follow to the list by visiting their Twitter profile and clicking the list icon.

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