Create a Viber Group on PC or Mac – The way to Create a Viber Group on PC or Mac

Create a Viber Group on PC or Mac

Create a Viber Group on PC or Mac – This site will teaches you ways to make a gaggle conversation in Viber when you’re employing a computer. Almost like free chat and texting applications like Yahoo, Skype, WhatsApp Messenger. Viber also features a group creation function – Group to talk and chat with friends. And within the article below, we’ll show you ways to try to it with Viber Windows version. HOW TO APPEAR OFFLINE ON WHATSAPP

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Steps on Create a Viber Group on PC or Mac

Steps1: Open Viber on your PC or Mac. It’s a purple chat bubble icon with a white phone receiver inside. You’ll usually find it within the All Apps area of the beginning menu (Windows) or within the Applications folder (macOS).

Steps2: Click the compose icon. It is the small square with a pencil right next to the Search bar (on the left side of Viber).

Steps3: Click the circle next to every group member’s name. A blue and white check will appear next to every selected name. You will have to pick a minimum of two members to make a gaggle.

Steps4: A group name. This goes into the blank within the center a part of the screen. Everyone within the group will see this name. EASY WAYS ON HOW TO RESET INSTAGRAM

Steps5: Click Start. It is the purple button beneath the member list. The group is now active and appears at the highest of your conversation list.