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Contact Facebook Help Via Email or Phone

Contact Facebook Help Via Email or Phone – Facebook is a social network platform that can mostly be used for chatting and to post updates. Facebook is additionally used for businesses purposes like buying and selling of several items which may be done on marketplace Facebook, Facebook online shops or buy and sell Facebook groups.

Many people do use Facebook as a dating site, where they find dates. When you are on Facebook and you come through a strange problem that you difficult to solve or unable to solve you can contact Facebook customer service to assist you. OMG GAME 2020 ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER

Contact Facebook Help Via Email or Phone

Facebook customer service is Facebook online help platform that helps you resolve any problem that is only related to your Facebook account, problems like lost Facebook password or reporting a Facebook user. Facebook customer service are often contacted via call on their customer care number or by sending a mail to Facebook customer service, you’ll also contact Facebook customer service by making use of the assistance option on your Facebook account.

Reset Facebook Password Without Facebook Customer Service

People forget their Facebook password when they have so many social media accounts each with its own different login credentials or they lost their password when they change device, in case you forget or lost your Facebook login password you don’t necessarily got to contact Facebook customer service because you’ll reset Facebook password by yourself using the steps below

  1. Ensure your device internet connection is active
  2. Go to your web browser
  3. Log on
  4. Once on Facebook sign in page, click the forgot password button
  5. You’ll be taken to a new interface where you can enter your mobile number or email addressed linked to your Facebook account in the provided field.
  6. You will be sent a link which will be used to reset your password.

After the link is shipped to you, click on the link to reset your Facebook password and use a replacement password, sometimes codes are sent in replacement of the link, the code also will be wont to reset your Facebook password.

Change Facebook Password Without Facebook Help Center

If you think someone is logging in to your Facebook account without your consent you’ll change your Facebook password without having to contact Facebook customer service, with the steps below you can change Facebook password. YAHOO STOCK PRICE TODAY

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. From Facebook home page, click on the options icon
  3. Click on settings
  4. From the list settings displayed, click on security and login
  5. Beside change password click on edit
  6. Enter your current password
  7. Fill in a new password, confirm it then save it.

Always make sure you log out from all devices you use which is not yours or when you use a public device to avoid anyone having access to your Facebook account.