Comdata QuickPay – Comdata card setup & Direct Deposit

Comdata QuickPay 

Comdata QuickPay is about how to set up Comdata card for easy and quick money deposit. You can also learn how to set up direct bank deposit. If you’re working and wants to get paid using Comdata QuickPay, you can quickly set up your account and get your weekly check paid into the account directly.

What’s the Comdata Card- Comdata QuickPay?

The Comdata Card is fuel card accepted universally and widely used as a payment solution which allows you have control and manage all your fleet expenses from one card. With the Comdata Card, you’ll certainly be able to receive a real-time reporting tools to monitor driver fueling behavior and spending controls to enforce your company’s fueling policies. Again, drivers receive access to pre-negotiated fuel discounts at leading diesel merchants and thousands of independent locations across North America. You can use the Comdata Card as leverage for easy running of your entire fleet business.

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Comdata Cardholder Web Hints

You must have gotten your card as a Comdata cardholder, so you will have several convenient and easy options for managing your card, such as  checking your balance and depositing money to a bank account. To perform these tasks and many other tasks, you can use either the Comdata Cardholder Web portal or the new FleetAdvance mobile application. To begin now, here are the easy steps to follow and helpful tips that will guide you to have a good experience making use of Comdata QuickPay.

  • You have to always know the balance on your card before making any purchase or withdrawal with your card because some merchants will not  provide you with such information for reasons best known to them
  • You will not be charged for registering or when checking your balance in Cardholder Web.
  • If you forget your login credentials, click the Username or Password link on the login page ( to retrieve your information via email.
  • Cardholder Web is highly compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, as well as Google Chrome and more.

Comdata QuickPay  – Comdata Card Set Up

The Cardholder Web is an easy, online, self-service website which lets you to monitor and manage your card successfully at the comfort of your home. You can follow the easy steps below to access and make use of the website:

  • To start visit to
  • If you are a first-time user, you will need to register and create a profile, including a username and password. To register, you will need to enter your card number and activation code (usually
    your employee ID or social security number). Precisely, you will need to contact your company’s card administrator if you don’t know your activation code. The reason is that most companies want their activation code to be unique for each employee.
  • After entering your activation code, you can set up the following details on your profile: username, email address (choose your preferred email address), a desired password, and a security question.
  • Click Submit when you are finished.
  • Now you are completely registered for Cardholder Web. This means that from here, you can easily and securely check your details like; account balance, deposit funds, view up to 14 months of account activity, and easily print account statements without help.

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Setting Up Direct Deposit:

Immediately you have successfully activated your card, follow the steps below;

  • visit
  • Click on the BANKING tab.
  • If you want a dollar amount from each check left on the Paycard, enter an amount and save OR click SKIP to have the entire check deposited into your bank account.
  • To set up a bank account, click ADD NEW AUTOMATIC DIRECT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT. Once the accounts are setup correctly you can return to ADD NEW MANUAL DIRECT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT. (Manual direct deposit set up is required to move paycard funds via Comdata customer service to personal bank account after prenote has been completed.)
  • Bank information select: Account type, routing number and account number.
  • Election per payroll load – SELECT Election Type: PERCENTAGE. Election: 100 (This will put 100% of your check into your bank account.)
  • Click SUBMIT.

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