Change Your Gmail Profile Picture – How to Add A Picture To Your Gmail Profile

Change Your Gmail Profile Picture

Change Your Gmail Profile Picture – If you have a custom Gmail that is functioning and you send an Gmail to a email user, you’ll notice your Gmail comes in without a profile photo (or profile picture)!  As a business, you’ll certainly want to have a profile photo, either your company logo or your face profile, whatever it is, this helps makes your email more authentic.

Your Gmail profile picture is what people see when they open your emails in their Gmail or Inbox account. You can change this picture any time you want and for any reason by clicking on your existing image or avatar.

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In this post, I will show you how to setup your profile picture so that when you send an Gmail to a email account, your profile photo will show up.

It’s recommended to have a profile picture in Gmail not only for people you know but also those you don’t so that there isn’t so much anonymity behind your Gmail address.

When you update your Gmail profile photo, anyone who hovers a mouse over your name or Gmail address from their email account will see your updated profile image.

You can also change your Gmail profile picture from within Gmail’s settings. However, going this route only lets you upload a new picture, not select one you already have on your Google account.

Steps To Change Your Gmail Profile Picture;

Step1. Use the gear/settings menu button at the top right of Gmail to open a new menu.

Step2. Pick Settings from the options.

Step3. In the General tab, scroll down to the My picture section.

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Step4. Click the Change picture link.

Step5. Select Choose File on the Upload a picture of yourself window.

Step6. Browse for a profile image and then use the Open button to upload it. You might be told to crop it to make it fit, which you have to do in order to proceed.

Step7. Click Apply Changes to save the photo as your new Gmail profile picture.