Change Ringtone and Number On Whatsapp – Change Your Whatsapp Ringtone and Phone Number

Change Ringtone and Number On Whatsapp

Change Ringtone and Number On Whatsapp – There are various setting options that you can customize your Whatsapp as per your choice but this article will teach you how to change your Whatsapp background colour or theme.

Changing WhatsApp Ringtone

Change Ringtone and Number On Whatsapp

You can also set the sound alerts of the messages for different groups, as per your choice. For this, there is an option available in the settings for WhatsApp. Follow the below steps to customize it.

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For an Android Device:

In Android phone, for changing the ringtone settings, go to “Settings > Notifications”. Select the notification tone from your media options.

Additionally, you can also set a custom tone for individuals by accessing the details in their chat options.

For an iPhone Device:

Open WhatsApp, and tap on the conversation of the group for which you want to customize the ringtone.

On the conversation screen, tap on the name of the group at the top of the screen. By doing this, the Group Information opens up.

In group info, go to “Custom Notifications” and tap on it. Toggle notifications to “On”, to set a new message alert sound for that group.

Click on the new message and select the new ringtone for the group as per your choice. Click on “Save” at the right-hand corner of the screen.

Change WhatsApp Phone Number

The “Change Number” option in the WhatsApp settings allows you to change the phone number, li_x_nked to your account on the same device. You should use this feature, before verifying the new number. This feature enables you to move account payment status, groups, and profile to the new number. With the help of this feature, you can also preserve and continue the chat history using the new number, until the time the same phone is being used. Also, you can also delete the account associated with the old number, so that your contacts will not see the old number in their WhatsApp contact lists in future.

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Steps to customize:

Go to “Settings > account > change number”.

Mention your current WhatsApp phone number in the first box.

Mention your new phone number in the second box, and click on “Done” to continue further.

Follow the verification steps for your new number, for which the verification code is received via SMS or phone call.