Blogging tips for Beginners – Blog Beginners’ Guide

Blogging tips for Beginners 

Blogging tips for Beginners  is one topic I find very fascinating writing about. This is because I have come to realize how important it is to guide the younger generations in this lucrative business to sustain a life blog.


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As an old nigga in this business, I have devoted some of my years trying to know what goes and what doesn’t go in this business. I have tried to underscore through research and hard work what works and what doesn’t.

I have read many articles and attended many seminars on this topic, so I have really come to understand what tips are ” the yes” and what tips are “the straight no”. I will share those tips with you for you to have a successful blog.

Don’t just think am here to make a post, these tips have worked for me, my friends and colleagues, plus others who accepted them, that’s why I am sure they will work for you too.  That’s only if you follow them religiously.

Are you a new blogger who desires to make resounding success in this business? Then, don’t joke with any of these tips I wanna share with you right away. But before I go further, provide answers to the following questions; let the answers be for your personal consumption.

  • Do I really care to know the success points in blogging?
  • Do I really wanna be successful in blogging?

The reason for these questions is that having knowledge without its practical application is worse than not having it at all. So, now you have the right answers at the tip of your fingers, we are good to go!!!

Do you know you are very lucky to read this post? Because some of these tips I listed here, I started doing them recently, though I should have started as early as early enough.

There is no cause for alarm. Whether you are a beginner or you have been blogging for long, there is no time too late to get going in the right direction.

No doubt, there are so many other tips to success in blogging but these few are the most critical tips I considered to share right away;


Blogging Tips For Beginners – Blog Beginners’ Daily Guide

Have a Stable source of Income: Though not many teachers will tell you this TRUTH. My dear, the first success point in blogging is getting a stable source of income aside from blogging. Do you know why? At least for between 3 – 6  months, you will not have any income from blogging.

Without a stable source of income, how can you meet up with your daily needs of feeding, paying NEPA bills, recharging cards, subscribing for data among other things? If you don’t have a stable source of income, you will be increasing your stress period in blogging. This is the gospel truth.

My dear friend, I know you wouldn’t want to be  begging or borrowing money from people up and down because you started a blog. Simply give yourself time, save some little money that can actually hold you up and sustain you in blogging before you receive your first pay. If not, it will be more difficult for you.

In fact, this is a crucial truth among the blogging tips for beginners.

Grace of God: Certainly, am not gonna write any further without acknowledging the importance of God’s grace in every business. What one man does and fails, another does and succeeds.  So always pray for His grace in your dealings. But for sure, His grace is constant. You will make it. Ride on!!!

Original content
One of the most important tips for bloggers generally, be it beginners or experts is originality of content. Remember that every person is highly unique in his own way. Create your ideas in things you love doing and focus on them instead of imitating another person. Be unique and smart in all your posts.

Good Content:
Ah! this is also very necessary. Have you considered how your readers will see you each time they read your post? Will they give you a thumbs-up or a go-to-hell remark? Make sure your posts are worth reading and worth making the person return to your site. Make sure the posts are easy to be shared on social platforms like Facebook, twitter,LinkedIn and few others.

Be Outstanding:
This is very important too!!! There is virtually no topic that is not yet exhausted on the internet. The key question is, why must someone spend time on your post? What is so unique about  your post that can keep him reading it for the next one minute? Don’t be among those who express their mediocrity via blogging. Stand out man!!! Do something interesting!!! It pays!

Make Researches:
No man is an island of ideas or knowledge. One thing you must do if you must grow and become successful is making research. Via researches, you learn better ways of expressing yourself, better ways of doing that same thing you wanted to do and more profitable ways of blogging. Visit bigger sites, follow their methods and create out yours from them. Zoom, you will make it!!!

Patience Factor:
Oh! who can do blogging without patience? No man!!! Don’t think the rich bloggers you know made it overnight. The success you are seeing is a product of sleepless nights, lots of data burnt, several failed trials and finally God’s blessings at the appointed time. When you remember that nothing good comes easy, then you will be patient and work hard, waiting for your success time.

Get Connected with Bloggers:
My dear, you have to get connected to other bloggers who will also give you functional advices time after time. This is because remaining in the right clique is a sure way to continuing in the right direction. Try as much as possible to make friends with them. This way, it becomes easier to grow in ideas.

If you make them your friends, some ideas and information you should have paid for before accessing, you can then get freely. This is also a strong success factor.

Write in Your Passion:
Remember blogging is all about writing and posting for readers to read. How can you not lack ideas if you go writing about things you don’t have passion for? How can you not be copying others when you are writing about an alien field? Writing what you love makes writing easier and fun. It gives you the zeal to be real and original.

Grow Slowly and Don’t Rush:
Don’t expect to start seeing thousands of viewers as a beginner except you are ready to give up your blog too quickly. Remember every business grows according to investment. Here, your investment is the number of posts you make in a day. Don’t expect to have large viewers with 5 post in your blog. Bro, work, work and work… With time, you will see traffic that will marvel you. Just keep posting!!!

Write Frequently:
You can’t ever grow in blogging if you don’t write frequently. You must always be on your computer writing about one topic or the other. This is what makes you a blogger. A blogger is a frequent writer.  Scanty writing is a sure way to failure in blogging. If you give time to your blog, you will see success. If you don’t, forget it, you are going nowhere!!!

Inspire Yourself:
Get yourself inspired everyday, for this is the only sustaining factor to your success. Whatever you know gives you inspiration, be it music, religion, whatever, name it!!! Get it as your belt. For without it, you will run and get exhausted and finally quit.  But with you being inspired to keep on pushing everyday, success is sure for your grab!

Don’t Give Up:
For sure, I wouldn’t sweet talk you and hide this truth from you. Know that, there will be a lot of challenges on the way, ranging from poor traffic, many ups and downs, as well as discouragements from all angles. But one thing you should know is that, after all said and done, you must keep pushing. Remember that, quitters never win and winners never quit!!!

Get Good Command of English: Don’t ever be too professional and don’t be a dummy in writing. Try as mush as possible to communicate with good and understandable English. Be simple and plain with your words. Flee from jargon!!! Except you are into comedy blogging.

Flee from Thoughts of Scam: If you work hard and don’t see success, chances are that you may think of making it via scamming your readers in one dubious way or the other. This thought alone is capable of killing the sincere spirit of hard work in you, leading you astray and making your site untrustworthy. Remain focused in the right  actions, don’t worry it will pay for certain.

In trying times, beat your hand on your chest and remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Summary – Success Tips in Blogging –

In conclusion of this article” blogging tips for beginners”,  I want to tell you that, blogging is no doubt, a very lucrative business that is capable of transforming a nobody to a somebody. It can as well make a somebody to a great man! But remember to follow the tips earlier stipulated.


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