AUAF MBA Online Application is open for FALL 2023


American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) has announced that admission is now available for the Online MBA (Master of Business Administration) for Fall 2023 academic semester.

This blogpost will give you the easy steps on how to apply for this scholarship kindly read this article to the end.

Opportunity Description

American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) has announced that admission is now available for the Online MBA (Master of Business Administration) for Fall 2023 academic semester. The MBA program is an online, five-semester program that includes a thesis statement requirement. The online program is an entrepreneurship-oriented program in which students will learn business skills, from business decision-making to communications, finance, strategic management, business creation, and how to run it; students can expect to receive insight on how to offer a business solution for social problems, as well as many others.

Brief Details

  • Location of Study: Online
  • institution: American University of Afghanistan
  • Deadline: April 30, 2023
  • Level of study:
  1. Bachelor: (Law, Political Science & Public Administration, IT, Business Administration)
  2. Master: master of business administration (MBA)
  • Target Group: Students residing in Afghanistan


AUAF gives limited merit-based scholarships for MBA applicants that successfully meet all the admission requirements, including a higher English score.

Who can apply to Online MBA at AUAF?

AUAF is only accepting applications from those who meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be living inside Afghanistan,
  • You must be a university graduate having earned a BA or BS
  • Proficient in English: reading, writing, and verbal.
  • Professional background is preferred; but not required
  • You must reside in Afghanistan

Who can apply to Bachelor Degree at AUAF?

  • To be a high school graduate (those who were unable to attend high school in the spring and fall of 2022 may still apply)
  • Proficient in English: reading, writing, and verbal.
  • You must be in good standing with the University and not have any outstanding balance.
  • You must complete application and application requirements.
  • You must be residing in Afghanistan.

How to apply for Online MBA at AUAF?

Applicants should prepare the following documents and submit them to the submission email as soon as they fill out the online application linked below.

Submission email:

The deadline for submission of your application is 30th April 2023.

 Documents Required:

Applicants are required to submit the following documents listed below:

  • Online application form:
  • It is very important you have University diploma, transcript and confirmation letters.
  • Tazkira clone and passport
  • CV
  • Two recommendation letters, preferably one from a current or previous employer & one from a university professor
  • An essay about “Will you offer a business solution for a social problem from the knowledge you received at AUAF”?
  • English test score. You need to send us a Duolingo, TOEFL, or IELTS score. If you need to complete a test, we offer free English tests through Duolingo for applicants who do not already have a prior score.
  • Attend an Online interview with the AUAF Dean of Students. You will be contacted at a later date to schedule the interview.

Important  note:

Only students with an English proficiency score can be accepted and will be contacted for an Interview with the Dean of Students; however, AUAF alumni might be considered as an exception to the English score requirement only.

This application is for online study only, and will remain online for the duration of the degree.

For more information, kindly visit the official website of AUAF University.

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