African Magic

African Magic has always appeared negative in the eyes of the world and even Africans in general but technology has been welcomed…WHY???


Here is the proof that technology is witchcraft… Argue with your ancestors not me……..

(1) When a white man creates a phone and you video chat with your brother, you call it technology but when your Grandmother in the village use a mirror to see you in your house in Lagos, you call it witchcraft.

So my dear, it’s about time we valued our Nigerian products… LOLLLLSSSSSSSS

(2) In Africa we don’t need CCTV cameras, the neighbours are enough.

YouĀ  think I’m lying??? Oya, bring your girlfriend home when your wife is not around and see what will happen…

(3) Come… I am really done with Nigerian movies, how can a native doctor say…. the charm will work in Jesus name….

(4) Best proposal ever…
Take her in a boat to the middle of the river and say ” Amaka, marry me or leave my boat. LOLSSSSSSS (Wisdom na my baptismal name)

(5) African parents

Some African Parents will be like “I will not place Curse on you, but whatever you do to me, your children will do you same“. Is this one a Proclamation or a Declaration??? LOLSSSSSSSSSSS

(6) Foolishness

Everyone has a right to be Foolish but some Idiots use it Stupidly.
Teacher: Mention 10 wild animals
Student: 5lions. 5tigers. . . . . . Lolssssssssssss

(7) Teachers and Lies

My school teacher taught me most of the Lies I tell today, she would tell me to write a letter to my Uncle abroad when she knows my Uncle is in the Village.

(8) Sharp Mummy

My mom entered my room and saw me asleep. She held my head, slapped me and said to me “Your last seen on Whatsapp was 1minute ago, stand up and go buy me bread”….. Lolsssssssss

(9) Unforgiven Spirit

Some people don’t have the Spirit of Forgiveness at all, How can u sweep your room and use ur Ex’ Picture as parker??? Lolsssssssssss

(10) Respect

No one is more Respectful than a person who wants to borrow money from you……. He can even greet ur dog …..
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